Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lunch Break!

I know I've mentioned here many times now about how four of the girls who graduated from high school with me and I meet once a month -usually on the last Thursday of the month -to have a nice, relaxed meal at a little local restaurant near here.

Today was our day for the August "Lunch Bunch" to congregate.

And today, as happened two months ago, I brought three extra guests along with me -namely Maya, Kurt and Maya's TSS, Amanda.

Normally, Mandy is off on Thursdays and normally, she is home then so I am free to go to these nice little meetings with my good friends, but every now and again, a glitch comes up and today was one of those days that Mandy had to work and I had to bring the kids along with me. Having Maya's TSS there is great because she definitely helps to keep the two youngsters pretty well in control and thus, enables me to be able to visit quite freely then.

The last time the kids and both TSS's who work with them went with me, Kurtis was mesmerized by the decorations in this restaurant -all different kinds of fish and other sea-type things hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. One that really caught his eye back then was a "Puffer Fish" and he talked a good bit after that meal about that particular fish. If you recall too, back then was when Uncle Clayton still had a big old fake shark's head hanging in his bar area of the garage where he was living then but that shark was Kurt's nemesis as he was absolutely terrified of that thing and refused to enter the area where it was hanging.

So we -both the TSS's and I -were really quite surprised at how excited he was over what he saw in the interior of this restaurant and that he accepted these items quite easily too.

Last night, before the kids went to bed, we told them that they would be going to lunch today with Grammie and Amanda -Maya's TSS -at Key Largo and both kids were happy, even excited then about this deal.

I really had no idea how excited Kurtis was -nor did I realize how well he remembers some things too -until this morning, when awoke and came downstairs and came up to my side immediately saying, "Go to Key Largo lunch and see Puffer Fish today, Gram?"

Yep! Guess we now know where his priorities lie don't we?


Sandee said...

Well Kurtis knows exactly what was happening. How adorable. I'm glad you got to go visit with your friends. Sometimes things just work out.

Have a terrific day Jeni. :)

TechnoBabe said...

It is good Kurtis looks forward to some things and tells you about it too. Hope you and girls had a great lunch time together.

Linda said...

Kids remember more than we think they do, don't they? And it just goes to show how fast your little 'uns are growing up on you!