Sunday, August 22, 2010

End of a Lousy Week!

Thank goodness this past week is now over and done -history, as they say.

In my opinion, it certainly had very little about it to be happy about anyway. Least of all, the continuous naps my system was demanding of me and all of that kept me from accomplishing much of anything then.

Why was this happening anyway? I'm convinced it is because, as yet, I have not been able to get my system regulated and therefore, when I fall asleep, I am waking up every 2.5 to 3 hours because -well, because I have to make a visit to the bathroom. Trust me people. This does get aold, very old, after a while! And as a result then, I am falling asleep within an hour, tops, after I sit down and even if I am doing something, trying to move around a bit, I will get so darned tired that I am virtually exhausted. Time for this problem to begin to cease and desist is all I have to say on that issue. (I should be happy though because at least my normal sleep time has increased upwards from 1.5 to 2 hours per nap to a maximum amount of 3 hours. Any increase there has to be considered to be progress I guess. I'm aiming for the days (nights, that is) when I can sleep for 5 hours straight through -no bathroom interruptions!)

The past 2-3 days were even more uncomfortable for me too -thanks to the weather we experienced here from Friday through today. A lot of humidity, as in forewarnings of rain on the way, and that does not so nice things to my back and legs -like makes them ache like toothache, ya know. See what you younger folks have to look forward to one of these days -good old arthritis settling in every darned bone, joint, tendon, etc.!

Yesterday, I was grumping to Mandy about the aches and pains and inability to sleep properly and I mentioned, in passing, that I wished I knew where in blazes the heating pad we used to have was now. That's when she 'fessed up to keeping it in her bedroom and using it all the time to keep her feet warm when she goes to bed!

Whhaaatt!? What kind of excuse is that anyway? Here I am in pain and no heating pad and all she's worried about is keeping her little old tootsies warm!

She did however mention to me that if I got her a nice electric blanket sometime before the really cold weather sets in here, she will let me have the heating pad back to use on my back joints. Nice offer, don't 'cha think? I think I'll have her put that in writing that she has duly promised to hand over the heating pad to old Gram here!

I did get one thing completed this week and that is I finished up another tabletopper I'd been working on for the past 3 weeks now. If I'd been able to stay awake, I could have had it finished probably at least 3, maybe even 4 days earlier than I did but right now, I'm just happy that it is completed. Sorry, but I haven't had a chance to get any pictures taken yet of this item, nor of the table topper I completed prior to the surgery either. But one of these days soon -hopefully sometime this coming week -I'll get caught up on that aspect too and be able to post photos here of these two recent projects. (Both are Christmas themed items as I'm trying to build up a little inventory, of sorts, of items suitable for Christmas gifts.)

The other issue that has been bothering me lately too is that so far, my appetite is still really the pits. Nothing tastes quite right to me -even things I really, really love -like pizza for openers! Well, there was one exception to that issue and that came about Monday night when a good friend of mine from church called to say she was making a big pot of "Stuffed Pepper Soup" and would Mandy and I perhaps like some? If so, she said she would bring a container down for us later Monday night and when she showed up and handed me this big storage container of this soup, still hot, fresh from her stove, the aroma drifted right through the lid and permeated my sense of smell so strongly that a half hour later, it was still there, tantalizing me and I had to have a bowl of that soup!

Boy, was I ever glad I did that too because it was absolutely wonderful and it turned out to be the only food substance I ate all this past week that did taste good and the way it should taste, etc., etc. Finally polished off the last of it this evening when my son was here for a while. Considering today was his 37th birthday, that was his birthday present this year from me -a bowl of Stuffed Pepper Soup, leftover here since Monday night but, as good as it still was, he scarfed it up in record time and gave the soup a rounding vote of approval too.

I suppose the lack of appetite is a good thing on one hand because I'm not yet up to par on my walking regimen -only went for two relatively short walks this past week. But if I'm gonna get my system built up and prepared for when I have to start getting chemo treatments some time next month, the appetite had best be returning at least a little bit, I think.

That's about all that's been going on around here this past week. Here's hoping the coming week brings at least a little bit more in the way of fun things, food, sleep and other exciting things!

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TechnoBabe said...

I think you are expecting too much of your body. You did just very recently have major surgery. It does take the body time to recover. If your body is telling you it needs rest, that is a good thing in my opinion. Take care of yourself.