Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wrong Foot!

Well, although I am still very excited about the new family connection I was able to make and acquire a lot of good information from too in the past week, I'm thinking other wise, my New Year has kicked off on the wrong foot.

Why is that? Well, for openers, four out of the six people living in this house all have head colds -and yes, I am one of those four. I thought it was coming to get me over a week ago but that night, I took a Mucinex DM and the next morning, woke up completely symptom free. That was what -last Monday or Turesday I believe.

But by Friday nite, it had returned -graced its presence on my door step -and and has firmly lodged itself in my sinus and throat now, big time. Ever wonder how one's system can possible manufacture so much goop to make the eyes water, pester the hell out of a person with the sneezes and well, just constantly be like a fast-dripping water faucet? Where does this stuff live in our sinus cavities in between colds anyway?

That added to the fact both kids have this lovely cold and constant drainage too -and coughs -and neither of them has been sleeping very well the past couple of days so they've had Mandy up (who also has this lovely cold problem too) several times during the night with coughing/choking fits. Today, she decided not to send either Maya or Kurtis to school, called the doctor and has an appointment for both of them to be seen tomorrow in hopes of getting something to help them get rid of the extra drainage and the cough.

And since today -Wednesday -is the day Mandy works from 11 a.m. until between 8 and 9 p.m. -sometimes later if the kitchen is busy -that meant that there was going to be no rest for me today with both kids here and Maya determined to take over the ruling spot in the household to boot!

At one point today, when I threatened to put her in time out, she got angry (of course) with me and told me that I am the one in TIME OUT and that she put me there and that she was going upstairs to her room and I had better not move from the chair where I was sitting! Boy! Guess she told me didn't she?

And then there is Sammy -sweet, so cute little Sammy. Remember him? Here he is doing his best imitation of Elton John.

Ever since my doctor told me I needed to do some kind of exercise and also, try to diet, Sammy and I have been taking these nice walks -usually every day -up our road and back for a total of about 1 1/2 miles, round trip.

Now as you know too, we've had a fair amount of snow fallen here over the past two weeks -along with a little bit of meltage, then some freezing rain, a bit more snow, etc. Our road here isn't too bad right now but one day last week, when I had Sammy out for our little stroll, this is what it looked like that day.

Not a heavy coating -just enough of a skiff though to make the roads a tad slick. Just slick enough too that when some fool was out riding a motorcycle on our road (absurd for this kind of weather, in my opinion) and Sammy isn't the most disciplined dog on a leash where vehicles are concerned as he tends to pull towards them, I was really afraid this clown on the bike was gonna crash or slam into Sammy (and make him a grease spot, ya know). If something like that would have happened, that guy would have had to start looking for a darned good motorcycle accident lawyer because that really would have set my teeth on edge but good, if anything had happened to our sweet little Samuel J. Muttley here!

I've been busy working on a counted cross stitch project too this past week. It's a sampler type thing in a Christmas theme and I figure I need a whole lot of time to work on it if I am to finish it by next Christmas! Especially since the rate I seem to be ripping stitches out appears to be more than the rate with which I am putting stitches in. Why is that anyway?

And my communications with the newly found cousin -who found me -last week has been going along quite smoothly and swimmingly! It got me so inspired that the other day, I dug out a bunch of old, old -really old -pictures, scanned what ones I could and took digital pics of the rest of 'em and set up an album on Picasa as well as on my Facebook too with all those photos -all 57 of 'em!

That's what's been keeping me busy, making me go cross-eyed, trying to regulate and keep peace between the two kids and such ya know.

Now -time for Sir Sam to go out for a bit but Kate is going to take him this time. I couldn't take him for our usual walk today as I had no way to take him for a walk and leave these two kids alone then!

Now it's time to fix something for the family for supper. Dang, it just never ends does it!

Hope this cold bug isn't able to be transmitted in a blog post!


Dr.John said...

I hope it can't as well. This is the cold season. The Doctor should be able to help some.

Deb said...

My husband has the exact same illness. He is also miserable. I am keeping my distance from him - and washing my hands constantly. Get well soon !

Travis said...

Well, maybe instead of getting off on the wrong foot with a cold, you can be off on the right foot because you've gotten your cold out of the way first thing!

Sandee said...

I hope you feel better soon. There is indeed a very nasty cold going around. All sinus and icky.

I had to chuckle on your time out. Yes, she did tell you what for.

Good for you on the walks. That's great exercise. Most cardiologists tell you that walking briskly for 30 minutes a day will do wonders.

Have a terrific day. :)

Maggie May said...

You seem to be coping with the freeze very well.
I am doing jigsaws to try & pass the time as well as reading and blogging. The days do seem to go by quickly in spite of being housebound.

Hope you are all over those colds.

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Stay warm and keep wrapped up in this cold weather. I think colds are on their way round again unfortunately.

CJ xx

TechnoBabe said...

I hope you didn't sneeze into this post, I don't want another cold, we just got over a doozy. Take care and why don't you make a big pot of homemade chicken soup?

... Paige said...

aaaahhhh chooooooooo. that was not funny

Feel better real soon

Kat said...

Egad! That is just no fun!

I hope you are all feeling 100% better very soon!

Uncle Skip, said...

Gee, another reason to name a dog Spot.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Linda said...

I've often wondered how it is that one's head doesn't just collapse what with the amounts of mucous that comes forth with a head cold!

Hope you feel better soon and that this is your only cold of the new year!

OHmommy said...

Oh stay warm, I heard it was cold everywhere. Four people have died in Mexico because their homes are unable to deal w/ 50 degree weather.

Glad to hear you made that connection w/family.