Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blast from the past?

So, tonight I'm sitting here, reading blogs, checking facebook, e-mail, etc., and the phone rings.

Here's how the conversation went:

CALLER: Jennifer. Frank, here.
ME: Yes.
CALLER: What's your address there?
ME: 1607 ..
CALLER -interrupting me - is there a name or avenue or something?
ME: Yes. Cooper Ave.
CALLER: Okay. 16839?
ME: Yes. Memory working pretty good there, Buddy?
CALLER: Yes, everyonce in a while.
ME -Okay...
CALLER -So what'cha doin'?
ME: Bitching.
CALLER: You doing anything else?
ME: Well been embroidering my fingers off for the past year and a half, occasionally some knitting.
CALLER: Well, okay. Gotta go. Bye.

This call took probably 60 to 90 seconds, max!

And the Caller? My ex-husband!!

And yes, Frank. I do still recognize your voice when I hear it.

The kids have a habit of timing any phone calls they get from him or that they make to him and then, they compare notes to see who kept him on the phone the longest. I think Mandy may have the record there as I think she actually had him engrossed in a conversation for around 10 minutes one day. Seven minutes is usually his top though in time spent per call.

Not exactly the world's best conversant is he?

I think maybe I hold the record for the shortest phone calls with him -aside from one when either he or I hung up on the other, but those were many years back.

Now I'm wondering what he's sending here that he needed our mailing address tonight.

But I'm sure as heck not gonna lose any sleep worrying about what it might be.


Anonymous said...

maybe he is sending a car!

Skittles said...

Good ol' Frank.. NOT.

Uncle Skip, said...

You will update us... right?
My ex and I probably never talked on the phone longer than about 30 seconds and, if she could, she'd have someone else make the call.
I on the other hand called regularly... once a year.