Monday, January 11, 2010


There are -as always -things on my mind and some of them, I can't discuss here -or often, anywhere, for that matter.

Saturday night, some things happened that I'd love to talk about -openly -but for various reasons, I can't do that. Mainly because anyone who knows me would know immediately who/what I am referring to and there are things involved, people involved, that would be affected, possibly misunderstood, hurt, etc. So I won't go there.

And somehow, as I thought about the conversation I had then, it made me think about my current needlework project I'm working on -a sampler (Christmas themed) done in counted cross-stitching.

I've finished about 1/3 of said project now. My progress is pretty slow with it because I tend to get off track, counting stitches in one line on the pattern and then applying the stitches that line calls for but in the wrong line on the cloth. And then, when I get to a certain point where things should come together, I see there's a problem and begin to check back and forth from the project instructions to my work until I find the error of my stitching.

And if I wouldn't have had to do that so many times over the past 10 days now, I'd probably be over half-way done with this darned sampler!

Instead, I have ripped out stitches -again and again -and restitched the area only to see yet another error and ripped out more stitches yet again -and again!

Frustrating? Yes, you betcha!

But isn't that pretty much the way life can be with us at times too?

We do something that seems okay at the time and then, things get all discombobulated and we try to fix things, to make amends. Sometimes, the first repair works fine and other times -like with my counted cross-stitching -it has to be undone several times and reworked until it comes out the way it is supposed to be.

And isn't that also the way it is with raising children too? We put in some stitches and things look okay or good at first and then, a bit later, we see there's a problem so we go back and try to correct it. Maybe it's a good fix, maybe not, but if it's not a good fix, don't we try yet again to make it come out right? So that the finished product -the teen, then the adult -is able to withstand the rigors of life in general then from having had those stitches -as it where -replaced as needed, redone when necessary?

Life is very much like a cross-stitch sampler with all kinds of scenes in it, all kinds of stitches, threads, colors and such and like that sampler, it has to be dealt with in a correct manner -keep the stitch count on the fabric matching the required stitch count, stitch type, color as shown on the pattern guide.

And sometimes in life, as in counted cross-stitching, it does often seem like it is a vicious cycle of backtracking, ripping out bad stitches, incorrect placements and such, all in order to get ourselves back on the right row, with the right elements in play for us then.

And every once in a while, when things in life get too far off-track, that we can't see straight or are really fed up with going round and round with something, that we have to put that item into a little pile that is an I'll come back and deal with this later, when I can see straight, see my way through this once again.

That isn't always a giving up thing, but rather resting, getting reinforcements, re-energizing in order to get whatever the project or issue is completed and a job well done in the end then.


terri said...

I have to say, you've got more patience than I'd ever have for the counted-cross stitch stuff! I think I'd have given up long ago. But your persistence is a testament to the kind of person you are. It proves you're not one to give up easily and in the long run, that persistence pays off.

As I read this analogy about cross-stitching, I couldn't help but relate it to my struggles with parenting, and life in general lately. It gives me some much needed perspective and has allowed me to breathe a bit easier today in relation to the things going on in my life. Thank you!

TechnoBabe said...

What you write in this post about putting things aside and coming back later can be said for every relationship. Because we are human we sometimes react too strongly sometimes or the other person does, so it helps to stop right there and have some thinking time. You did a good job of bringing this about in the post.

wendyytb said...

Well said, Jeni.

Sandee said...

Yep, we are all doing the very same thing. You put this very well too. All we can do is keep trying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Dianne said...

life is always a work in progress

treat yourself to a little something, it helps

Suldog said...


Yeah, life is like that, exactly. It's almost always a matter of going back and making corrections, then moving forward until you realize you have to go back AGAIN. You seem to have it fairly well under control, though. That is, you have the good attitude, and that's the most important part of it. Some folks, whether in life or in other pursuits, just chuck it all in when they find a mistake. That doesn't make for a very pleasant life, at least for those you chuck :-)

Hilary said...

It's a process. Two steps/stitches forward, one step/stitch back.

... Paige said...

that is so true and the hard part can be getting back on the right track...but it can be done

montkap said...

I really like the analogy! Great post Jeni!! It all comes out in the wash.

Linda said...

I have to say that I think you described life perfectly here - especially the going back and trying to fix things that we had no clue were going wrong in the first place. This gets especially tough for those of us who are perfectionists but I'm getting better at chucking things in the corner for awhile and letting it rest for a bit rather than fussing over it and making it worse. Or at least I'd like to think so!

Marguerite said...

Cest la vie! You hit the nail right on the head, cher! Edit, edit and then edit again! Great analogy! Stay warm!

Deb said...

Take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. And your analogy was perfect. I have been there, done that and I know I will be doing it again. This is life. Take care.

Dr.John said...

I think that you give us a great metaphor in life and cross stich.