Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Git 'Er Done!

Ever watch the Comedy network or channel or whatever it's called?

If so, do you watch the specials on there with Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engval? (Is that the correct spelling of his name???)

Anyway these four comedians often have specials on the Comedy Channel and if you ever do watch them, you'll know that one of Larry's favorite lines is "Git 'er done!"

And that's what I'd like to say to someone in this household -"Git 'er done!"

We've been trying for months now to get certain things across to the adult male who resides here that if you are going to have your own business, YOU do have to be the one there, on time, at the time you have posted for your work hours too -not just show up at whatever time you decide you are going to go to work on any given day. Right?

That's just one aspect of what he does that really ticks me off.

I worry because I know he has not submitted anything to the IRS for his "payment"towards taxes on his income over the past year and he seems to be oblivious to the fact that if those G-men catch up with him, they don't take this lightly and yes, you can go to jail for income tax evasion, ya know!

Then there's his habit of releasing vehicles he's worked on without collecting full payment for his services too. And that one has back-fired on him on several occasions. Wonder why that is, don't you?

Or how about this one too -when he hasn't brought home any so-called income now in about three months or better and he decided that the way around that and the not showing up regularly at the early hour of 8:30 a.m. (which is what is posted on the door as his opening hour) that he will have a guy who is a friend of his and who hangs around the garage all the time, open up and be there till he arrives and stay until oh say, 4 p.m. and he'll pay him "under the table" then.

Excuse me but how does this resolve anything, especially the fact that you're putting in upteen hours there -or so you say -but not seeing any profit -or income -and yet, you want to pay some one under-the-table so you don't have to get up and go to work when you're supposed to be there?

I have been really disgusted with all these goings on and my mood and attitude haven't improved me about these things even though I have been trying to keep a very low key profile about this stuff.

But right now, I'm think what he needs is either a stick of dynamite or maybe just a plain good old colon cleanser would do the trick and get him off his duff and doing things according to Hoyle, the way he should have been doing all along!

It's all very frustrating for me to see my daughter worrying all the time about all the house expenses and such and her trying to juggle what little income she has every month to make ends meet and him, just still thinking he's some big time "professional businessman" ya know!

I know I've grumped about this in the past and nothing has changed with him except my trying to keep my nose out of this mess. And that's really pretty much what I'm doing now -grumping about the situation to keep me from really letting fly and watching my blood pressure skyrocket in the process then if I do that!

So thanks for letting me vent a bit cause I really don't want to go to jail for beating him severely about the head and body and I also don't know where to get that stick of dynamite I mentioned earlier either.


Sandee said...

I have a dear friend that married a shiftless person like this. She does the work and he just find excuses not to work. It's a shame. If your daughter allows it then it will continue. Just saying.

Have a great day. :)

dogimo said...

Hoyle would've kicked his ass out!

Bill Engvall's the one I like. The guy with the whisky.

terri said...

I would find the whole situation infuriating too. He really needs to grow up and start acting like a responsible adult.

And to dogimo - I like Bill Engvall too. I think it's Ron White that is the one with the whiskey.