Saturday, January 09, 2010

Calgon...Take Me Away!

Boy, talk about depressing!

I just glanced over at the 10-day forecast on the web and sometime next week -Wednesday, I think it said -the temperature here is gonna get really warm.

Clear up to a degree below freezing- 31 degrees!

Well, compared to today's high prediction of maybe 18 but with a "real feel" temp of 8 above zero, that will be a bit of a heat wave.

All this makes me think of other things -like how about maybe some Myrtle Beach Vacations?

Any place warmer would sound great to me right about now!

My new found relative -family tree connection -told me yesterday she's going to be heading out next week to San Diego. Now there's gonna be a big change for her since she lives in Boston and has been getting hit by a lot of snowfall lately. Go, take in some sunshine and get some extra while you're there for me.

Mandy's just biding her time here now, waiting for March to roll around and then, she plans on taking a short jaunt trip -out to Phoenix and from there, up to Laughlin, Nevada, to spend a day or two with her Dad and her new step-mother. Technically, the step-mother isn't exactly "new" since she and the kids Dad have been married over a year now I think it is. But she's "new" to Mandy since neither she nor Carrie has met her yet -except via Facebook. Clate and his girlfriend, Betty, were lucky to have been able to take a week and go out to Las Vegas and from there, down to Laughlin back in November and met her then.

The nice thing about this trip for Mandy is that her Dad is paying for her plane fare. I think it would be nice if he would consider adding in the kids too but then, what kind of break or vacation would that be for Mandy if she had to take them and worry about all the new, strange things they would encounter and could possibly send both kids into massive meltdowns?

So, the plan right now is that while she is gone -from a Thursday to the following Monday or Tuesday (not positive on the return date) that Maya will stay with Mandy's best friend and her family (Jen-Jen) and Kurtis will be here with Gram. That means, Gram will only have to worry about getting him ready and off to his school one day and yeah, I can manage that with no problem. And by separating the kids for that time, it will in essence, give me a big break too.

And, another neat thing about this trip is that Mandy's boss is going to be traveling to Phoenix then too so the two of them can hold each other's hands during take-off and have a good friend to chat with during the flight too.

Plus, Mandy will also get a chance to see a tiny bit of Phoenix too -a place I'd really LOVE to be visiting again!

Oh well, if I can make it through the next couple of months and the winter weather, who knows -maybe one of these days I'll figure out a way to get up and away from it all too!


Hilary said...

You wouldn't want Calgon to be taking you north right now. I'm looking at a current temperature of -14C (which is 7F) and a nasty windchill ("real feel", as you put it) of -24C (-11F). But like you, we're warming up tomorrow too.. to a balmy -3C (26F) :)

Keep warm, Jeni!

Deb said...

Good Chilly Saturday morning, Jeni! I think it is a good idea to think about warm, tropical places on days such as these. Sometimes I just wander around on the computer visiting travel/tourism sites and I dream or watch the travel channel on TV. Glad that you will sort of/kind of get a break in March. Hope your cold is better. Take care.

Maggie May said...

It seems everything is working out for all........ Maybe you could getaway at some point in the summer?

Nuts in May

... Paige said...

stay warm and think of hot things

RuneE said...

It must be nice for you to get a bit of piece and quiet :-) , that is, if the frost don't get you!

Sandee said...

I'm waiting for spring too. I'm just not a winter person at all. Once Christmas is over I'm ready for spring. Just saying.

Have a terrific day and don't get too excited over the big heat wave that you are about to experience. Bwahahahahaha. :)

fermicat said...

We in Atlanta are right there in the boat with you. Except we'll be seeing the balmy 33 degrees on Sunday, the first above-freezing high on the forecast horizon. Followed quickly by some other weather system that may bring rain and/or snow, so we can all freak out again. They say we haven't had a cold snap run this long since 1982 and I believe 'em. This reminds me of my 12 years in New England, where it can go for weeks at a time without getting over 20F. Which is one of the reasons why I came back home!

PDM and I are already dreaming of our next vacation. Looks like we're headed to the Arizona desert in March. Can't wait!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Let me know...and I'll meet you there!!!! Would love a reprieve from this cold!!! Stay warm, and use being housebound as an excuse to bone up on more family history!!! ;-) ~Janine XO

Linda said...

Seems to me that while the government is handing out money for so many this year, they can come up with a little money for all of us who lives where it's too darn cold to go someplace where it's a bit warmer so that we can thaw out and pump some money into the economy at the same time! Certainly it would be a win-win situation for everyone, right??

Until then, though, I will join you in being way too cold for way too long and longing for some warmer weather. Heck, I'd take 40 right now and be darned glad of it!

Mary said...


I'm glad that Mandy will be able to visit her Dad. That will give her a break and since Maya will be with Mandy's friend, you will get a bit of a break as well.

Try to stay warm. I know just how cold it was in PA when we came through there on our way home. Chilly, for sure. It's just as cold here.


terri said...

I was very excited to hear that we may see highs around 30 degrees this week too. And then I realized how sad it is that I'm EXCITED about 30 degrees! Just goes to show how very, very cold it has been lately.

How exciting for Mandy to be able to have a get-a-way to AZ! I've been in such a sour mood due to the weather lately that my husband offered (threatened?) to put me on a plane to see my parents in AZ too.

Travis said...

Well, 10-12 degrees warmer is certainly warmer. Enjoy it!