Friday, January 15, 2010

Laugh Lines?

This has been a bit of a rough two weeks since the first of the year.

Between the bitter cold, snow -then some more snow -then more cold temperatures down around zero and some days, when I take Sammy out, I really do look a bit like an Eskimo!

I normally "loll" around the house most days in sweat pants and a sweat shirt -geared that way to counter with any of the lovely little drafts one encounters in an old house. And when I go out with the dog, pull on the snow boots so I have fairly decent traction on the road in the event there's a little slippery spot that hasn't seen a cinder or salt to melt it down, my big heavy coat with the fur trimmed hood in place over the Nordic design helmet hat Mandy picked up for me at Goodwill last week -covers my ears, fits really snugly too, and to that I add a big thick boa scarf I knitted a couple years ago that covers the lower part of my face quite adequately.

Heck -it's enough of clothing that it can pass as a good costume, keeping my identity a bit of a secret apparently as one day I passed a neighbor guy walking home from being out tracking in the woods -a guy I've known almost my entire life -and he didn't recognize me with all these clothes on. (Not that he's ever seen me in the buff or anything like that. Just saying.)

But between the wind chill factors on my cheeks -the ones on my face, smart aleck -the new lines around my eyes coming from straining my eyes working on this current counted cross stitch project and the head cold/sinus infection that about has my nose raw from blowing it every ten seconds or so, there's a whole lot of chafing going on and probably gonna create more wrinkles than I had before. All of this means I'm gonna have to start thinking about some kind of anti aging face face creams next I suppose.

And then I think ah heck, why worry!

With as crazy as my life can be here at times, the silliness of the little kids, the joking around with my son and younger daughter here too and the overall all zaniness that has always often been a part of my life over the years, I think I'll just let these things as they are and if anyone says anything, I'll just tell 'em they're all just laugh lines!


Travis said...

It's a good attitude!

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