Friday, January 15, 2010

Directions, Please?

Last night -or rather early this morning -I was online at my favorite craft supplies site and yes, I was ordering more crafts, more embroidery kits and such.

Not that I NEED more cause really, I don't "need" these things. But boy, do I ever want them anyway!

This week, my fave site has a big -and I do mean big, in my mind anyway -sale going on pertaining to table toppers, table cloths and pillowcases and I put my normal "let's skimp on the sales" notion aside and ordered a large number of items.

So far, I'm not in danger of having purchased EVERY possible kit they offer in the tabletopper or table cloth area -or pillow cases either for that matter. They've got a really huge assortment from which I can choose what I want to splurge on next.

But, I've got to admit I wish I had something -like a free web directory that listed all the crafting sales sites and broke them down too into categories of what type of items they have available -table cloths, table toppers, pictures, samplers, etc., so I could then avail my spending to maybe some other craft supply sites that would show the types of things each one retails and I'd have that available with just one click of my mouse! Easy peasy, ya know.

After all, I need to conserve the energy I have in my fingers for more important things -like stitching!

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