Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Searching...Always searching

I told you about my recent find with respect to my family tree research -about the cousin who found me several years ago via my posts on a bunch of different sites for this type of research but whose efforts to find me were all thwarted because by the time she had found my posts or queries and tried to respond to them, I had changed internet providers which then had rendered my e-mail address listed with my queries as useless.

Eventually, she had done a Google search for my name and had found my blog. From there, she sent me an e-mail which landed right where it was supposed to go -in my e-mail in-box!

I wonder now how many others may have made an attempt to contact me via those old family tree research sites but couldn't get through because my e-mail address connected with those queries is and has been outdated for several years now?

Wouldn't it be neat though if you could have some kind of seo optimization software available that would search through e-mail addresses -good, bad and indifferent, ya know -and come up showing whatever a person's current, good, valid e-mail address is?

Now, I know that isn't how that type of search stuff is normally used, but gee whiz, it does seem to me that it might have a lot of potential if it could be set up to be used in that manner.

Right now, a cousin of mine could be checking -if she and her husband used a tool like I think would be neat to have -and they would know then that an e-mail they sent me a couple days ago was going to an invalid e-mail address, one that is no longer in use.

How did I find out they were doing that? Because they had sent this particular e-mail -yeah, a forward but anyway -to my older daughter. who in turn, had sent it to her son and my grandson had forwarded it on to me.

I dunno -considering I've told them upteen times now -over the past two years since I last changed my internet provider, what my correct e-mail address really is -if it would make any difference after all.

Still have to rely on people to insert the correct thing into the address in the first place, don't we.

Just a little food for thought and by now, we all know how dangerous that can be in my hand, don't we?

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