Monday, September 14, 2009

What I Do Best

Sometimes, I wonder -maybe you do too -why I am here. What is my purpose in life? That kind of heavy stuff, ya know.

I haven't yet come up with any answers to those questions in my mind. That much is for certain. Probably never will either, come to think of it. It's a bit late in my life to be thinking of making any major changes to my so-called purpose, isn't it?

But anyway, that's something that does run through my mind as I fritter away my days -playing with my embroidery stuff, for the most part.

The tablecloth I am currently working on -"Winter Greetings" is what this one is called, according to the label on the packet. It's a pretty Christmassy theme, with an oval shaped design in the center, consisting of holly berries amid pinecones and holly leaves, with two male cardinals at opposite corners and a female cardinal perched on each side. The outer border consists of more holly berries, leaves, pinecones and female cardinals. All of these bunches of leaves and such have ribbons running around them too -in shades of a pale pink and a brighter pink.

It will officially be four weeks this Wednesday since I began this project but, because the first week, I had roughly three days in there during which time I did absolutely nothing on the tablecloth, so I am saying then that I started the project four weeks ago this coming Friday instead. Makes sense to me ya know.

The tablecloth I did last winter that was also a floral design, 52x70 inches -same as this one -and which I gave to daughter, Carrie, for her birthday, took me between 5-6 weeks to complete. I'm hoping I can finish this one in a little faster time than the other one took. Why? Because I have a kazillion other tabletoppers -plus at least two large Christmas type tablecloths I want to get done too. Time is running out on me! Or did I just get a bit carried away maybe with the purchases I made of these other kits perhaps? Well, can't pass up a great sale and as long as I can still see, still do the handwork, hopefully eventually I'll get them done.

Another thing too is that as most of you know by now I have terrible sleep patterns. Tend to be up either embroidering, knitting or blogging most of the night into the wee hours of the morning quite often and then, ending up with only 3, maybe 4 hours of sleep as a result.

This does create a somewhat zombie like feeling within me from time to time. Now there's something I probably should work to change, shouldn't I?

This past Friday, I thought maybe I could get the jump on trying to revamp my sleep patterns as I had been up all day and by 11:30 -which is a very, very early hour for me to consider going to bed, I was really beat, so off to bed I went. I figured I'd get a good night's sleep in, maybe even be able to hit the sack a bit early Saturday night then too.

But, you know that old adage about the best laid plans of mice and men? Well, it sort of came to roost with me Friday night as I fell asleep very easily and fast shortly after 11:30 but unfortunately, by 1:30 a.m. I was awake -and I do mean WIDE awake and as a result, was unable to get back to sleep then till around 6:00 a.m. Saturday. What a pain in the behind that was!

But to stay with the theme here of sleep and my purpose in life, this picture -taken by my dear daughter, Mandy (and I don't get mad, my dear, but I do try to get even ya know) probably gives her explanation as to what my purpose in life is.

There you have it -in living color! That's our cat, Chino, stretched out across my lap. The tablecloth I'm working on laying there too -waiting for me to wake up from a nice refreshing little "catnap" huh?


Woman In The Midst: Raw said...

It's never ever too late to do anything! Every day is a brand new canvas, paint it how you'd like!
Living with cancer I know this is true.. It is never too late to be who you might have been! (One of my favorite quotes..)
I look forward to seeing pics of your "projects!"

fermicat said...

Love the cat photo! Cute! Isn't it nice to have a bodywarmer for napping? ;-)

Linda said...

I think that our purpose in life changes as we go through life as obviously you had many different purposes during your working days vs now and your "grandma" days. And as far as a nap, those are always good no matter what our other purposes may be!

Sandee said...

I love the photo of you and Chino. It's adorable. Just saying.

I've never had any trouble sleeping and I'm forever grateful for that.

Have a terrific day and week ahead and I hope you get your projects done as well. :)

terri said...

Don't feel bad. You're not the only one whose purpose is to provide a warm place for the cat to sleep. I often find myself adjusting in bed to make sure the cat is experiencing the utmost in comfort!

... Paige said...

ya know I believe that we are here for a purpose...that may be only to smile at the right time at a stranger or to inpsire hope or patience in someone else who will carry it forward as needed.

Ours is not to wander why but to be here when needed.

so now you can rest

lattégirl said...

I believe our primary purpose is simply, to love. And I think you do that admirably.

TechnoBabe said...

Sounds like you have trained your system to get by on short naps here and there. I can't do that, if I actually go to sleep to take a nap I have to sleep at least one hour. If I have trouble sleeping during the night, I get up and read until I can get to sleep. You do look so peaceful sleeping with the cat and the embroidery hugging you.

Maggie May said...

That was so funny that picture of Chino & you!
You are so lucky that you don't get migraine as straining my eyes embroidering and doing without sleep would cripple me!
Just as well we are all different.

Dr.John said...

Your prime purpose now seems to be keeping others happy.

Travis said...

Here's what I think about sleep patters...if you're not sleepy, then why torture yourself trying to sleep?

Berni said...

Love the picture. I know what you mean about sleep, it aludes me quite often. Lately I have been sleeping (snatches) on the couch. Wish I had a cat to join me.