Saturday, September 05, 2009

Replenishment and Replacing

Well, the issues of Thursday night have subsided somewhat.

A wel-placed phone call yesterday to the IRS and Mandy worked out a plan to get the debt taken care of -thankfully in very small monthly increments over the next 63 months! Yes I said 63 -as in sixty three months -during which time her butt belongs to the IRS if she misses any of those payments. LOL Not quite that serious an outcome but pretty darned close!

And the bathroom sink spigot problems got fixed too. Seems some valve or some such broke off and Bill got that taken care of last Thursday night.

All this and many other things have been whirling and swirling about in this home for a long, long time now and of course, only come to a head or break or get called out -whatever -always at the least opportune of times. Isn't that always the case though.

And this morning, as I sat here peacefully scrolling down my reader, checking out each blog there with a new post showing, the kids were behind me -in the other end of the living room -playing peacably together.

Or so I foolishly thought anyway.

Until they started squealing and laughing louder than the usual -a signal most parents recognize immediately as an omen that they are enjoying something probably not meant to be enjoyed.

I turned to see what was going on and now, almost wish I hadn't looked.

There they were sitting on the floor gleefully pulling all the stuffings out of one of the back cushions for the loveseat and tossing these white fluffy pieces all around themselves there in the middle of the floor!

And so -as I write this post, Maya is busy picking up and pushing these white fluffy things back into the slip to make it into a cushion for the loveseat again. Kurtis has been ordered to the couch to "SIT AND DON'T GET OFF THERE" until Maya finishes the clean-up job.

And I have for probably more than 4396508 times now tried to stay calm, cool and collected while seething inside. (And don't we all wish that with a simply little point and click of the mouse, we could just change something in a snap like that!)

I sure do!

Surprisingly enough, Maya did clean up all that white fluffy stuff -all by herself! And without throwing a royal fit too!

Miracles do happen after all. Maybe it just has to be in fluffy cloud shapes to happen.


Maggie May said...

Oh dear, the little rascals! It is always a bad sign when they fall silent.
Glad all the other problems are being taken care of.

TechnoBabe said...

I always wondered how much my kids understood what they were doing while they were doing it when they were pretty young. Did they actually understand that my tubes of oil paints would goosh all over my bed spread and that the oil paint would not come out in the wash????

Berni said...

This too will come to pass in about another 15 years. LOL

Dr.John said...

Now my kids wouldn't have cleaned it up but then they wouldn't have gotten caught and the dog would have gotten the blame.

Linda said...

I'm glad to hear that the IRS was negotiable when it came to repayment. Did they by any chance give back the money that they seized so that the bills could be paid? I still think it's quite frightening that they can do that.

Kids always seem to be up to no good when they're being quiet - just when you think you can relax, they've figured out a new way to push your buttons!

fermicat said...

Glad you worked out a deal with the IRS. That should lower your stress levels.

terri said...

Glad to hear Mandy was able to work out a payment plan with the IRS. Now why couldn't that have just been offered as an option right from the start and save all that hassle?

Travis said...

Good news about working things out with the IRS.

Uhm...I hope you don't hold it against me or anything...but I did have a little laugh at the sofa cushion stuffing incident.

Casdok said...

Am glad Maya cleaned it all up. Lets hope they have learnt a lesson??!