Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Additions

Some of you -those who are on Facebook and follow me there -know we had a big addition to our family this past weekend.

Our cat -Nina (the same one who had four kittens back in April and we just got a home for the last of that brood about a month ago now) had six more kittens this past Friday night.

Six kittens! Yes, SIX of 'em! All lovely -of course. Well, unless you are the one who might be stuck with several of these little cuties if someone else doesn't decide they want to add a sweet natured little kitten to their home oh, say about 8 to 10 weeks from now!

Anyway -I did promise several folks on facebook as well as blogger buddies that I would be posting pictures of these little sweet things and tonight, Mandy got my camera and went to town, taking several photos of the little darlings.

Here now, I present to you, Nina's babies -all six of them!

The first one born is the orange one with the white ring around the neck and white markings on its face. It was followed by a calico, then another all-orange baby, then two more calicos and finally -number six was another orange one.

Surprisingly enough, we already do have a taker for two of the kittens -my son's boss and his wife want two of the calicos. Now, if I could find two more people who would like to take two kittens each, that would really solve the home-finding dilemma we'll be facing down the road quite nicely, wouldn't it?

Kurtis sat on the floor with me as I tried to stroke Nina, keep her as comfortable as possible, while she was having the kittens and I must say, he was very good. He pointed to the babies and would say "Kittens." to me along with putting his hand out as if to pet Nina but not touching her at all, he would say "Nice, nice." then too. At least he understood -or seemed to anyway -the fragility of these tiny creatures as they came into the world.

Maya wasn't home Friday night when Nina started to deliver as she was spending the night with Mandy's friend, Jen-Jen and her family. So, when she got up Saturday morning, Jen-Jen told her that we had a big addition to the household here the night before and there were six kittens waiting for her to get home to see them. So, needless to say, when she came home, she was very excited and happy to see them all. She's very antsy though, wanting to be petting them every chance she would get but I think we've got her pretty well settled down to them now having told her again and again that if she handled the babies too much, Nina would get upset and take them to another place in the house and hide them there. And, we told her then that we didn't want to have to try to go and find six tiny kittens cause she might accidentally place them somewhere that might be dangerous for the kittens to be inside a house.

So she has become pretty resigned to the fact that she can look at them now but will have to wait a couple weeks till they open their eyes and begin to move around a bit before trying to play with them. Hopefully, they'll learn to run and hide on their own then if they see her coming cause she does dearly love to lug them around and well, she isn't exactly as gentle as perhaps the kittens might want her to be then. Then too, since this is the second litter she's been exposed to, maybe she has learned a bit more about how NOT to carry kittens and how better to do that so they don't get choked in the process.

Such fun huh?

I am hoping this time Mandy will be able to follow through though and take Nina to the vet's office to get her fixed as soon as it is allowable for her to have that done!

Cause much as I do love the little kittens, I really don't want and certainly don't need, that many adult cats roaming around and I definitely don't want or need a cat reproducing every six months or so either!


Maggie May said...

Much as I love the kittens, especially the calicos (we call them tortoiseshells) I would not hesitate to take the mummy into the vets for an op!
Can't carry on like that breeding and breeding.

We had a little calico ( they are always female) when I was young. She was a real beauty & that was her name. Beauty. She lived to be 16.

It is good for children to be brought up with animals as I feel it helps them to have some empathy when they grow up.

Celebration of Life said...

That Nina is one busy cat! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jeni! Glad you liked my Alaska cruise pictures.

TechnoBabe said...

Great pictures, kittens are so darling. I wish I could have one. We can't have pets here. But I get to share in other people's pets online.

Sandee said...

Wow, six new babies. How adorable they all are. I do hope Mandy will be gentle though.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

Linda said...

Congrats on the new kids! They're all adorable and make me wish just a little bit that I wasn't so allergic to cats as I think that the calicos are just adorable. Amanda would love to have a cat but I just don't do well with them - at all!

Morgan Mandel said...

They are adorable!
Too bad the DH is allergic to all cats and I'm allergic to some.

Morgan Mandel

Dr.John said...

It certainly is time to fix Nina or you will be over run with cats.

terri said...

They're SO sweet! I can't blame Maya for wanting to pet and cuddle them. I think I'd be tempted too!

Marguerite said...

Adorable kittens and so cute how your little grandson was so understanding. Definitely time to get Nina spayed, unless you want to keep on having litters.

Anonymous said...

Luv the calicos! I wish I wasn't allegic because I'd have at least 3 of these little creatures!

Jocelyn said...

You are an outrageous saint. Your FULL house has just gotten fuller. And look at you, not screaming or anything. There's a deep well of good in you, Jeni.