Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lost Time

Lately, Sunday seemed to be the day I got really far behind on my blog reading and posting but today -well, I really got behind today!

Actually, my getting behind began last night when I fell asleep in the recliner about 45 minutes after supper. I slept till about 10:30 p.m. and when I did wake up then instead of finishing my blog reading for yesterday, I worked on the tablecloth for about 3 hours or so.

Then I checked my e-mail, facebook, played more game of the Bubble Shooter thing on the computer than I should have and about 5 a.m., I toddled off to bed.

Now, mind you -right before I started to move towards the bed, I was so tired -sleepy -that I could barely keep my eyes open but as soon as my body hit the bed, it popped my eyes open -wide open!

Why is that anyway? It's really frustrating, ya know. Maybe I should just fall asleep at the computer, and hope my head doesn't hit the desktop, huh?

I slept about 2 hours, woke up, made a bathroom visit and lay back down as I was still rather groggy. I knew if I tried to stay up then, I would be asleep in the chair at the meeting I had to be at out at our church at 11 a.m. so figured I'd better try to catch another couple of winks.

Which I did -and I slept then till almost 10 a.m. when I had to get up, shower and hurry to get dressed to be at the meeting on time.

And the meeting -well, today it was a bit on the boring side as all the chairlady did was review what we had discussed at our last meeting -two months ago! No additions, no deletions -but at least that meant it wasn't a really long, drawn-out affair either so I was out of there around noon then.

Made a quick trip to the local grocery store and picked up two hoagies in their deli for lunch for Mandy and myself -since it was only the two of us here today -or so I thought. When I got home, there was Mandy serving up two plates -grilled ham and cheese with some potato chips and I told her that I had brought hoagies home but had I known she was going to fix this, I wouldn't have bothered.

That's when she informed me the sandwiches were for herself and for my son's girlfriend -Betty -who was coming down here on her lunch break.

Gee Thanks, Kid! Oh well, getting at least one of those hoagies sure did come in handy. Except that within about 30 minutes after I ate, I was falling asleep in the darned chair -as usual.

And, when I woke up it was time for me to start cooking supper! Yeah -what a revolting development that is when all you accomplish is a little sleep, a short meeting, a sandwich and another nap and then, time to cook a full meal -again!

I made a pan of pepper steak with rice for supper -and considering how much Kurtis did not eat tonight -or last night either -I figure he must have had a darned good lunch at his school yesterday and today that he wouldn't eat anything. Either that or tomorrow, he will eat them out of house and home either at school or for supper tomorrow night!

The 17-year-old's boyfriend was here for supper tonight too and although I get a little upset if she invites him to supper and either doesn't tell me or she tells me, I fix something with extra and he doesn't show up, I still rather like having him here for supper though.


Because he EATS! No dainty, nibbling a dabble of this a dollup of that for this boy -he digs in and chows down! I told him tonight it kind of makes me feel younger when he is here for supper as it reminds me of how my son was when he was still living at home. Most of the time -a bottomless pit! The only difference between my son and the 17-year-old's boyfriend is that my son has never shown any affect of the eating whereas, you can tell Simon likes a good meal! And the fact that he always tells me when he likes something I have made too! That little bit of a compliment really perks an old lady up a bit, ya know!

Tonight, after supper, Mandy, the two little ones and I went up to the school for the elementary open house. Mandy told me yesterday that I better go to this because Maya said her teacher had wanted to know if she was going to bring her Gram with her to open house and Maya had said that yes, she was. So the decision was made for me and away I went.

We got to see the young lady who is the school speech therapist first and who is pretty much like a member of our family too seeing as she was a weekly fixture here for four years -working with Maya for about 2 1/2 years and then, for 18 months after that, with Kurtis.

We were curious as to what reaction Kurt would have to see her again -since he hasnt seen her I don't think since April. When we walked into her room and he saw her, he recognized her right away and immediately began to dance around the room and squeal in delight! Maya sees this therapist for about a half-hour once a week now at school so she gets to see her regularly that way.

After visiting the speech therapist for a bit, we made our way down to Maya's room where she was so proud to show me her chair, her papers and her spot for circle time too.

When we got to talk to her teacher, Mandy asked Maya if she was going to introduce everyone to Mrs. Koleno, her teacher. She was so darned cute as she put her head down a bit -coy or shy -I don't know exactly which she was trying to be, but she grasped hold of my hand and said "This is my Grandma."

I was really surprised at that because she always has just called me "Gram" from the very beginning when she started to talk and to call each of us by a name. But tonight, I was "Grandma." And a prouder old Gram you never did see either!

She also introduced her teacher to Kurtis too. He was busy, zipping all about the room, looking into everything he could find and Maya pointed to him and said "And that's my little brother, Kurtis." All very matter-of-factly the way she did it.

We got home, the kids each crashed and were asleep by about 8:30 and I worked on my tablecloth some more till Mandy -who was busy on the computer from about 9 p.m. until around 12:30 a.m. finally decided to go to bed!

And now, here I am -really a bit too tired to read any more tonight. So I figured instead I'd do a little run-down of my exciting day today and maybe tomorrow I can fight Mandy for some computer time and get the rest of the posts in my reader all cleared out and ready to start from zero again!

And as to the tablecloth -well, I think I'm starting to see daylight with it!

This cloth is 52x70 inches and has a design in the center consisting of holly branches and berries and pine cones and in two corners, there is a bright big male cardinal and along two sides -among the leaves and berries, there is a female cardinal. Then there is a border around the bottom part of the cloth with more leaves, berries an pinecones and each corner on the outer border has a female cardinal sitting among the decor. Oh, and I forgot there are some ribbons to embroider on each group.

Well, after tonight, the only thing I have left to complete are the cardinals!!! Got all the greens done, all the ribbons, berries and pinecones too and the female cardinals all have the outlining done now too. So -if I really get cracking on this puppy, maybe I can have it all completed by next weekend then!

I sure hope so cause I have a bunch of other table toppers, tablecloths, pillow cases and even a Christmas picture I'd like to be working on to get some more stuff done up for the holiday gift-giving, ya know!

In this house, Santa Claus carries embroidery floss, hoop and needles!


Sandi McBride said...

You are a busy gal, Jeni...I don't see how you do it on what you call sleep! I'm tired from reading about all you've accomplished and I had a great 6 hours of shuteye! I can't wait to see the tablecloth, are you EVER going to show us what you are doing????

TechnoBabe said...

I don't know how you can sleep with so many other people in the house!! I have to have such quiet to sleep. And sometimes I have to wear ear plugs. I particularly liked the description of the visit to the school.. All of it.

Maggie May said...

You know my views on sleep (or rather lack of it.)
I couldn't manage at all.
I do wake up after about 4 hours though, but I will not get up till 7 am.

Your sewing/embroidery skills are fantastic.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

"as soon as my body hit the bed, it popped my eyes open -wide open!" I hate when that happens!!! What is that about anyway?

Dr.John said...

And life seems to be going along well for you. It is a great feeling to be introduced as a Grand parent. At my grand daughter's confirmation I was not only her grand father but also the one who baptized her. Life is good.

Berni said...

So few hours of sleep can't be doing you any good. Glad to hear that you are still enjoying the embroidery.

... Paige said...

Hand work is relaxing to me, well it was now I can't do it...stupid carples and nerves and well I miss it.

terri said...

It's always nice to have someone to appreciate your cooking. That is a strong motivator!

Amazing Gracie said...

I've been so sleepy recently, too. I think it's the heat (103 tomorrow!) and I'm ready for fall.
I guess I really messed up my rant about the TV show, Mercy. I've had about 3-4 people respond like you did. I am so thankful you did, too.
It's so refreshing to have people you can have a conversation with and not rant and rave at each other!
I agree that any one that is ill should have the final decision on their care. My kids and my husband all know that I want a DNR on my records. I believe that ultimately, it is God's will that makes that final call but we do have choices to make, too.
My mom had never been sick until she turned 75, 17 years ago - I was 45, and couldn't stand the thought of losing her! But the docs did all they could for her and she wanted it all stopped. We accepted that without question.
I don't believe in "death panels," or other such, and I think a lot of things have been blown out of proportion. But I do have other views that I won't elaborate on now...
Jeni, thanks for your wonderful addition in my comment sections!