Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rave Reviews?

Over the three years since I started this blog, I've often written about the little things the grandkids do that sometimes are frustrating as all get out but often -very often -really do make us laugh a lot.

Some of the things Maya does and says these days often make me think she's well on the road to being a comedienne and that is should be finding an agent for her, making some tv deals perhaps.

Some of the stuff she comes out with maybe would work better in a script of a family-type comedy show.

Like on Friday, when Mandy was getting ready to leave for work and Maya decided that she really, really, REALLY had to go with her and that she wants to go to work. Yadda Yadda. The whole discussion had begun to escalate into the a big fat meltdown as I scrambled, trying to think of something I could tell her that would get her to see how illogical her argument (of which she really had none, just screaming -and kicking -that she had to go with Mommy!)

Mandy works two nights a week, helping out in the kitchen at a little bar-restaurant place about five miles from here. This is also one of the few places around where one can go and eat, drink, be merry -and also, still smoke. They get around the law and allow the smoking because they also have two house rules. One is NO ONE under the age of 18 is permitted in the place at ANY TIME and Rule #2 is if you are between the ages of 18 and 21, you are allowed in there only up until 9 p.m. and then, only in the company of someone over the age of 21.

So I hit on the idea of telling her that even if she really could go and "help" Mommy work, she wouldn't be allowed in the building because she isn't old enough. Then I mentioned that even her big sister -the 17-year-old here -wouldn't be allowed to enter the building either.

Boy, when I said that, I wish you could have seen how quickly I got her attention and in a matter of maybe 3 seconds time -at most -the tears, the kicking, the screaming, in short, the tantrum ended as she looked up at me and asked, "Well, how old do you have to be to get in there?"

When I said eighteen, she then asked how old Katie is and I told her she is only 17. Then she wanted to know when it will be Kate's birthday -December -and as suddenly as the tantrum began, it ended and she walked away from me, into the other room and was quiet and peaceable the rest of the night.

But that is only comical when you are present to see the change, the transformation, the look, on her face and how fast she went from being the little demon-child to being darned near angelic in her actions.

The other night -well, actually it was 5 a.m. -when I decided to go to bed and crawled in beside Maya, I noticed she was awake. I asked her if she'd been awake very long and she just shook her head that she hadn't. So I began to talk to her a little bit and very quickly, she rolled over and was quiet.

So, I did the same thing. But within a couple of minutes, I heard her saying something but I couldn't make out what she was saying so I asked her to repeat it. She did and it sounded like she was saying "Nothing" but that didn't really make sense. So I asked her to repeat it again what she was saying and this time she said it a bit clearer -"Nothing."

Okay. I then asked her if she was saying nothing then who was she talking to?

At that, she sat up in bed and gave me a glaring look and said, "I'm talking to myself and you have no business listening to me!"

Hmmm. Guess she told me "what for" there didn't she?

Okay -so maybe this isn't exactly comedy fare for everyone but to those of us around Maya as well as many family members and friends, she is quite the funny little girl much of the time.

Except for those darned tantrums.

But sometimes, even they end up being funny as all get out too!


Anonymous said...

I love that she thought it out...no listening in on MY conversation. Kids eh!

Dr.John said...

If we didn't find our children funny they would drive us nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Clearly a spitfire in the making! And we can always use more spitfires!!

Sandee said...

Kids just do the most amazing things. Sounds like you have a comedian on your hands for sure. Well except for the occasional tantrum. Enjoy the amazing things as I'm sure you are.

Have a terrific day. :)

TechnoBabe said...

I think it shows good self esteem for a young person to be able to stand up for herself like that.