Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can I borrow That?

Writing the previous post, something else came to my mind tonight. Imagine that, huh?

Actually, I've been thinking about this over the past couple of days -in light of recent events I suppose that is what got me thinking along these lines.

But I was thinking about people I know, those I've know and now, no longer here too -and various traits held in some folks that I wish I could borrow or better yet, just outright steal a tiny bit of that from them if they can maybe spare a thimble full or a tablespoon or maybe even a cup or two, ya know.

However, I wonder how would one go about getting some of the things I admire or yes, even envy, in some folks. I'm wondering if maybe they might have some kind of identity theft protection plan in operation that prevents me from managing to nab just a bit of this ot that from them.

But then, how do you try to absorb something like artistic talent, creativity -abilities like that which my friend Margie has in abundance? I'd love to have the calm that both my friends Kate and her sister Shirley seem to be able to maintain. Or the energy of Florence and Lois as they take charge and get things done with such ease.

The exhilaration Tom gets and puts out through his musical abilities -boy, what I wouldn't give for a touch of that! The ability to read and cut through to the heart of a subject in a few quick strokes and then, explain it in words easier to absorb and understand as Pastor Carrie and more than a few ministers we've had over the past 37 years could do.

To be a cook of the caliber of some of my cousins -most notably, Arline and Rita -who can turn out a gourmet feast in what seems almost to be the blink of an eye.

To have the gumption to fight on every level possible as my late Aunt Mike did to see that her daughter received everything possible that she could get to help her learn -regardless of how little or how much her daughter retained over the years, just that she had a chance at grabbing onto that ring, ya know.

To be able to someday knit -with ease -as did my late Aunt Mary too. Oh, I can knit alright but I'm far from smooth and accomplished at that craft. Yeah, practice makes perfect -or so they say -but I've still got a long way to go before I can be even near the same league as Aunt Mary was!

To have patience, patience and yes, still more patience the way so many of my friends -and family too -have had, or still do. Although, if I've learned anything at all in the past six years alone from my medical problems to Maya and Kurt and dealing with their disorder -the Autism thing -I'd have to say that slowly -way too slowly at times -I am learning a bit of this. I'm not sure exactly who loaned it to me but I hope they don't come calling and want that little bit I've acquired back anytime soon cause I still don't have near enough of that to make any repayments there, ya see!

I don't wish for some of the material things some of my friends or even family may have -the things that people really do need to worry about with their identities and such. Not that I couldn't use a little extras here and there, but those are not the things I really need and want.

I want the things that aren't tangible, you see. Much as I wish I could touch this or that person and a little of their special talents would rub off on me, it just doesn't happen that way, does it.

What to do now?

I think I'll just keep on watching, listening, hoping the various things I see and hear will sink in -eventually -and give me some of those abilities I see in so many and which I consider to be a large part of that person's particular identity.

Now that would really make me an all-around excellent person if I can just absorb that much in the short time I probably have left to work on all of these things.

Sure do wish I'd figured this part out a long, long time ago!


fermicat said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You could try it! That might help some of it rub off.

Paula said...

This is really a fun post, Jeni. I could just picture little parts of all those people flying off and attaching to you. I've often said that I haven't yet discovered my talent. Everyone has one and I'm still waiting for mine to show itself!