Sunday, September 27, 2009

Too Much Time!

Boy, it's been three days since I wrote my last post -and I think I did that one in the wee hours of the morning because I know I didn't have time to even think about writing a post since then!

Why was that? Well, because on Wednesday my day was pretty well absorbed by all kinds of things -ending with going to the school open house so that began the process of my getting behind in my blog reading. Then, Thursday was the date for my "Monthly Lunch Bunch" get-together with four good friends from my school days. And after that day being spent and not by getting caught up with my reader, I have been trying since Friday to get my Reader caught up to date -along with cooking supper, watching the kids while Mandy worked Friday night, feeling ultra crappy on Saturday, helping to tend to a sick grandson Saturday afternoon too and in between all of this, working on the tablecloth, trying to get it finished!

The upshot of this was that I did finally get caught up with the backlog on my Reader about a half hour or so ago now! Phew! Remind me never to get that far behind, will ya?

Yesterday was an especially difficult day though. First off, I was feeling really under-the-weather -with all kinds of cramping in my lower intestine, a higher than usual pain level in my back and legs and add to that a nasty headache in my right temple area that just didn't want to give an inch and disappear for several hours. Then, after managing to take a nap and I woke up, realizing the damned dishes were still sitting in the sink, waiting for me to tackle them (since no one else had made a move in that direction) and as I started to get things ready to wash them, Mandy called out to me to come quickly and help her!

She, Maya and Kurtis -along with Nina, the Mama cat and all six kittens -were laying on my bed, lolling around, playing with the kittens I suppose (or some such thing like that) when all of a sudden Kurtis got sick and barfed all over himself, the bedding but mainly -or so she thought -all over Mandy's arm too! Anyway, she was helpless to move without spreading more of Kurt's gift over more of the bed, it seems. So, Grammy to the rescue with paper towels and such and got enough of that cleaned off that she could get up and move him to the bathroom and then come back to strip the bed and toss all the linens, blankets and quilts into the washer and then the dryer. The nice thing out of all this was that I had totally fresh sheets and bedding to slide into when I went to bed then much later that night!

And Kurtis -well he was running a little bit of a fever which some Motrin brought down and seemed to be okay then too no more upset tummy events. This morning, he was completely back to being his lively little self too -all running around the house, playing with toys till Maya spotted whatever toy he had and of course, decided that was exactly the item she NEEDED to be playing with at that same exact time, ya know. But fights between the kids aside, I'm just relieved that both he and I are feeling a lot better in the stomach complaints department anyway and if the yucky weather would just dry up and warm ever so slightly, I think perhaps some of my other aches and pains would lessen up a good bit for me too!

I had a lovely treat last night though -after supper -as Mandy made a scrumpdelicious pineapple upside down cake. Now, I do like cake well enough but in the dessert line, pie is actually my favored item. However, pineapple-upside-down cake is Mandy's all-time favorite I think -or it ties with maybe pumpkin or lemon meringue pie perhaps -but for me, when it comes to cake I do love, love, love pineapple-upside-down cake! FOR SURE!

I had the first slice of the cake last night and today, by the time I decided I really needed another piece of it, almost 3/4 of the cake was already gone! How the heck could that have happened anyway? I know it wasn't Kurt or Maya who ate that much of the cake as I would be totally surprised if they even had a teensy tiny bite of it since they don't like to eat anything with certain other elements present -in this case, like pineapple, ya know. I rather doubt that the SIL ate that much of the cake either as he isn't that big on sweets. So who does that leave then? Hmmm. Me thinks Mandy was the main culprit in scarfing up all this pineapple-brown sugar and melted butter backed delight.

Which leads me to thinking that if she keeps up eating habits like that, she will sooner than later be heading out to buy weight loss pills instead of me! She might be pretty much on the skinny side now but I keep telling her to beware that sometime in the future her Mom's fat cell genes are liable to kick into gear on her and before she knows it, she'll be worrying about stuff like that even more than I do!

On the other good news though to report, I am on the home stretch now with the tablecloth! Boy am I ever happy to report that! All that remains for me to embroider are the four female cardinals that are positioned in each of the four outer corners of the cloth and thankfully, all that is left to do on these four birds are some short straight color stitches and voila, the tablecloth will finally be completed!

Sorry. No photos available at this point in time. But you better believe that just as soon as this puppy is completed, I will be taking pictures of it and posting them here!

All for your viewing pleasure, ya know!

Now, time for me to start getting things ready for supper. An easy task to do today as we were expecting Bill's two middle children here yesterday for dinner and I had made a big, big pot of spaghetti and meat sauce and we cooked up two big bags of ravioli to mix with the sauce to have for our dinner meal last night.

And as often happens then when I am fully prepared for extra folks at the dinner table, they didn't show up so now, I reap the benefits from having cooked that much extra food and we'll have a really good but very easily prepared supper today!

Ravioli! What else?


fermicat said...

Dontcha hate getting behind on all the blogs you read? It is so hard to get caught up, especially for this writers that are prolific. But if I mark them all read without opening I almost feel guilty!

Sandee said...

I'm glad that you almost have the tablecloth done. What splendid news.

I'm hungry for spaghetti and meatballs. What time is dinner? I could bring a green salad with all the goodies.

Have a terrific day. :)

TechnoBabe said...

I know what you mean, it is really hard to catch up when you get behind in reading all the posts in Reader. I am glad for you that you have supper all ready and maybe you will be finishing the tablecloth this week.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better! And count me in on the ravioli! An Italian woman never passes up a plate of the ravioli! LOL!
Can't wait to see your needle work! Please do post some pics!

Dr.John said...

Barfing comes when it comes. The last time I barfed was in an oxygen mask. What a mess.
Sounds like things are getting better for you now. Good food, healthy kids, almost done tablecloth. Life is good.

terri said...

Yep, the winter viruses are making the rounds already, aren't they? Sorry to hear you and Kurtis weren't feeling well. Sounds like it was a fairly quick one and I'm glad you're getting back on track again. I hope the rest of the family can manage to avoid whatever it was.