Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Wow! A whole year of blogging -and with over 2,000 posts too. That is absolutely incredible. And no, that's not me who is celebrating a first anniversary of blogging and certainly not me with 2,000 posts in a years time either.

Nope -but it is one of my favorite bloggers who is celebrating her anniversary - her first -with her blog.

And that would be Barb - of Skittles Place!

Barb and her husband Mike live up in Michigan in the Detroit area. Mike has a blog too that you can check out for some of his interests along with Barb's. Mike's REALLY interested in model trains and Barb or Skittles - well gee, I'd be very hard-pressed to figure out something she ISN'T interested in.

So, since she's having a big celebration over at her blog - yeah, she's begging for anniversary gifts ya know - I was trying to figure out what the heck could I give Barb that she might really appreciate.

Then it hit me! Barb (and Mike) love to travel. They like to zip around all over the country whenever they can. Only problem there is, Mike has to work (poor baby, huh) and well, time is limited - so are funds at times - so as much as they do go gallavanting around the country now and again, they still can't get to see EVERYTHING they'd probably like to see, Can't get to EVERY single state you know.

So I thought hey, I'll send them on a tour of the United States - and it won't cost them a single penny. (Heck, it won't cost me anything either since it's a virtual tour -what better tour for a blogger anyway? And besides, if it cost me something, I'd not be able to give her anything for an anniversary present since I am generally pretty doggone BROKE.)

So here you go Barb! Your Grand tour of the good old USA! Hope you get out your flag, wave it high and enjoy all the sights. There sure are a whole lot of things to see in this land you know!

Barb's Virtual Anniversary Tour!

Here's hoping you have a great trip and lots and lots more anniversaries with your blog too!


Linda said...

Gee, I'm jealous - I didn't get any gifts for my blog's first anniversary even though I gave out lots and lots of cyber cake! Hmmm, could be because I didn't beg for any gifts? I've got to remember to do the begging next time!

I jumped on board the virtual anniversary tour as a stow-away, I hope Barb and Mike don't mind!

Skittles said...

Jeni.. that was so beautiful. I had tears in my eyes. I actually saw some places we've already been and that brought back some happy memories!

What a truly thoughtful gift. :)

Linda is more than welcome to stowaway!