Monday, March 05, 2007


Now this is strange. When I decided to write this post I was trying to think of a nifty title that had to do with something going on around my house. Namely, that my grandson has been having little snits -almost nightly - that cause him to wake up anywhere between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. and sometimes last longer than his mother wants to sit up with him sooooo guess who gets the honors?

Yep! Good old Gram!

Part of that is because rarely am I in bed and asleep before 3 a.m. to begin with and also, my room is on the first floor of the house so if the little guy decides to be especially noisy, Gram is still awake and will hold him, rock him, soothe him as much as possible and generally then, by 3 a.m. - sometimes as late as 4 a.m. - his issues seem to subside and he sleeps then in his playpen here in the living room and Gram crashes then on the couch beside the playpen just in case he does wake up again. This way, his mother manages most nights then to get a fairly decent amount of sleep. Gram has a tendency to nap throughout the day regardless of what time and how much sleep she had the night before so it all works out better for everyone concerned this way.

So since I have been sleeping this much on the couch of late, I was going to title this as having something to do with a new room or new bunk space. Whatever.

Ok - I explained the thrust of what I was going to discuss here now but here is the really strange part. Kind of a weird type of esp maybe but in an odd way, it sort of ties into the Bushism of the day. And, this particular quote from DUBYA - like so many others - doesn't make all that much sense to me, so maybe you won't follow why I thought it kind of strange in a humorous vein that this is the quote du jour when you consider what my base intent was there in my own posting today. If you understood what I just said, that's really incredible!

So here's the Bushism for Monday, March 5, 2007
"Listen, whoever thought about modernizing this room deserves a lot of credit. Like, there's very little oxygen in here anymore." - On the confines of teh White House's Brady Press Briefing Room; Washington, D.C.; March 1 6, 2005.

Hmmm! Maybe that's the problem in the house that is causing the grandson not to sleep - very little oxygen in here anymore? I dunno! But since he's now asleep - and snoring too - I think it's safe for me to finally "hit the hay and call it a day" too!

Nite now!


Smalltown RN said...

The strange thing is I did follow you train of lovely of you to be able to help out the way you do...his mommy is very lucky to have you to take over.

I want to thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog yesterday. It was a very difficult day for me and it hit me hard and caught me by surprise. I am feeling better this morning and will make a much happier post today after I get around the blog world to thank people for their comments.

Hope you have a fantastic day!

Vic Grace said...

Your post was a bit discombobulated like your sleep patterns but great that you can do it, a real blessing for your daughter.

The Shack said...

<<, there's very little oxygen in here anymore." ->>

Jeni I think you've hit on Bush's problem--lack of oxygen!!