Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Happened?

Boy, all kinds of things seem to be happening on the blogs that are a bit on the strange side to me.

First, Skittles blog just up and disappeared for a while and in its place was a bunch of information, page after page, about working at home schemes or some such. Very frustrating to me and I'm betting lots and lots of others who clicked in to read Skittles pieces and found that junk popping up there instead. But, I see tonight she's back - and things look to be ok there, so go give Skittles a visit, tell her "howdy" and that I sent you by to cheer her up.

Then, I just noticed about a hour ago or so that my post I made late last night, early this morning - telling everyone and their brother (hopefully) about the Cure Autism Walk that my daughters, grandson, future son-in-law and I are going to take part in on April 14th was missing something. The little thing at the bottom of the post for folks to leave comments wasn't there! Now how the heck did that happen?

I e-mailed Mau over at "It's About Time" to see if she could give me any information as to what caused that and how to correct it. She suggested that somehow the "comments" thing may have been turned off so I went to that post and checked it out and sure enough, it was turned off. So I made the changes there, republished that post and VOILA, Presto Magic, it was now showing the Comments section there the way it should have been doing all day. How the heck that got turned off is beyond me cause I didn't even know the thing was there to change that! See how observant I am, huh? Now, ya'll go check out Mau's blog there - "It's About Time" and tell her I sent you there as a thank you for coming to my rescue. Mau writes a really neat blog about lots of different things in a really interesting fashion plus she's a font of information too when you run into problems with blogs and html and nifty little things like that! Thanks again for the emergency help there!

Today was really an exciting day for my girls and for me though with this 3K walk we've signed up for with the proceeds to go to the Cure Autism organization. Not only did our team get four confirmed donations to our team on the website for Cure Autism but my future son-in-law is so excited, so hepped up about trying to do whatever he can for our little Princess Maya here that he went to work this morning and must have been telling everyone and their brother there about our Team and asking folks to donate because by 11 a.m. he had taken in $130 in donations for our team! Yay, Robert! Way to go! Princess Maya would thank you if she could so in her place, Grammy J says "Thanks a lot" and so does Princess Maya's Mommy!

Anyway, as you can tell and as the song goes, "I'm So Excited!"

I had to go over to Clearfield today to pick up my NEW GLASSES (so nice to be able to see and read clearly again. Wonder if it will help with typos though?) and I talked Mandy into getting the kids ready and going with me too. We needed to pick up a few minor incidentals anyway, of course. But I figured since the weather was decent enough at noonish (temperature wise, anyway) it would be a good day to take the kids out and also stop by the nursing home in Clearfield where my Aunt and cousin are now residents. It's been since just before Christmas since we'd been able to go over there with the kids to visit her. I really was worried that with her mind/memory often failing so much that she might have forgotten Princess Maya and the Junior Prince, Kurtis. But, at least my fears in that aspect were put to rest as she knew all four of us when we came in.

However, that was the only good part about our visit there today. Since the last time we had been there, they had moved my aunt and cousin to a different area - on the second floor - and that necessitated our walking through the dining room at the tail end of the lunch hour and taking an elevator up to the second floor. It's been a while since we've had to use an elevator with Miss Maya in tow and in the interim, she apparently had lapsed back into being afraid of elevators. One of her little quirky things you see. So, to get her on the elevator, we had to do a lot of handing off, switching things around so I ended up carrying Kurtis, his bottle, Mandy's purse, etc., while she picked Maya up and held her during the short elevator trip up one floor. But it left Maya upset and not in a mood to be social and nice - a lot of wailing and whining then in my aunt's room from her. That turmoil, added to my cousin's incessant pulling off the string to an alarm the staff keeps attached to the back of my aunt's clothes (alerts them to any possible problems with her -like a fall or some such) and that alarm was going off about every minute or two it seemed. I don't know how the staff there can work with that noise all the time!

So, because of all that, we didn't stay very long - just too upsetting for my aunt and for Maya too. However, before we left, Mandy did calm Maya down for a bit and got her to "sing" for Aunt Mike - "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." It was hard to hear her but I could see that Aunt Mike heard a couple of the words and recognized what Maya was trying to say and sing anyway as her eyes really lit up over that. Then too, before we left, Mandy also got Maya to go give Aunt Mike "noses" (Eskimo kisses - rubbing noses, you know) and after that, she even reached up and gave Aunt Mike a big for real kiss too! Little moments like that with a three-year-old interacting with her 90-year-old great-great- aunt are really worth the whole trip and the noise and turmoil, you know!

And now - with six minutes (according to my computer clock here) to go before Thursday turns into Friday, here's the Bushism for Thursday, March 22, 2007!

"The ambassador and the general were briefing me on the - the vast majority of Iraqis want to live in a peaceful, free world. And we will find these people and we will bring them to justice." - Washington, D.C.; October 28, 2003.


East of Oregon said...

Happy F R I D A Y!!!
Glad to hear you like Law and Order too.. it's SUCH a great show.

Debo Blue said...

Kudos to you and Mandy for taking two young tykes to a nursing center.

My mother's best friend is now living in a nursing home and it's sometimes so sad going there to see her.

But seeing loved ones does cheer her up so we go very often.

Singing Owl said...

Yep, good for you! And I'm LOL at the Bushism. OMG!

Vic Grace said...

I remember yesterday coming to a blog that had no area for comments, I am not sure if it was yours or not. I think it may have been. I am glad it is all okay now. I know we all like to see those little words of encouragement that we share.