Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Fountain

Does anyone else here heat their home with hot water heat that comes through those big clunky radiators? Or, did you ever live in a home with that kind of heat?

If so, then you can maybe relate to what happened to us this morning.

The kids were watching tv, my daughter's bestest friend ever, her 13-year-old son and her brother who is a couple years older than Mandy and her friend Missy, were visiting us and all of a sudden, the valve on one of the two big, big radiators in the living room "blew."

Suddenly, it looked for all the world that we had a big fountain in the living room - spraying water all over the place. What's the name of that famous fountain in Rome? Kind of looked like that.

My little granddaughter, Princess Maya, apparently thought this event was one of the coolest things she'd ever seen! It definitely took her attention away from watching the Country Music Videos, which usually we have to almost pry her away from that channel on the tv set.

Mandy finally got the valve back in the slot, to it refastened - temporarily too. And, as I write this, Bill (my son-in-law) is working on trying to figure out if he can fix it or if we need to get a whole new valve for it. You just know, don't 'cha, the odds are it's gonna take whatever is the most expensive to fix it too cause this is the week the mortgage payment is due. And in this house, Murphy and his law reign supreme.

The good side to this sudden eruption is that 1. we were home when it happened and could attend to it before it damaged the whole first floor by flooding it and 2. the water in the radiator wasn't scalding hot as it could have been just a week or two back when the temperatures outside were much lower and we needed the heat to be running all the time then.

And, look at it this way too - the living room floor just got scrubbed two days in a row! And Miss Maya got to play in an "indoor puddle" this morning too.


Anonymous said...

That is the worst thing about those old radiators. The best thing is being a kid, waking up on a cold morning, and draping your clothes over them while you get ready for school. Nice and toasty when you walked out the door.

TomCat said...

Jeni, I grew up in a house with them, and I'm sitting about four feet from one now. Fortunately, I have never experienced such a blowout. Dang! That does not sound at all like fun!

Smalltown RN said...

See that is why they say the cup is half full or half empty....I think you make it look half full....good for you....

Cheers my friend

Vic Grace said...

We used to have them in some place we lived but I can't think where now. Sorry you had that happen hopefully there was nothing damaged. My husband always says "If I ever get my hands on that fellow Murphy I am going to throttle him".

Thanks for your comments left on my blog, they are always welcome

Jeni said...

My son-in-law managed to get some kind of stuff that he put on the valve to keep it in place, stop the leaking, etc. The guy who has a furnace repair business here says because these radiators are so old, we can get a new valve for it, but will have to special order it. Yuck! I dread that thought cause, with the price of metals now being sky-high, I'm sure it will involve a price probably warranting a "small business loan" to get it -and the other radiators too - fixed, one at a time though to go sort of easy on the old budget! If there is any such thing as going "easy" on the budget where house repairs are concerned!