Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Family traits

I know, I know, I posted the photo to the left on here last night didn't I? But today, I was working with bunches of old photos, from floppies and cds and such and trying to get them organized to upload them to a web log photo site and in doing that, one of the pictures I came across was the one on the right.

Is it just me or does anyone else see a bit of a look-alike here? The one on the left is my grandson - taken about two weeks ago. He's ten months old. The picture on the right is of my son, taken when he was about ten months old too. My daughter and I both see a lot of resemblances between the uncle and nephew in the photos as well as in little things that seem to be popping out every now and again, already, that seem to say Kurtis is a lot like his Uncle Clate.

I always loved this particular photo of my son and especially since when it was taken, the store that was offering a special deal on some portrait type photos automatically entered all photos of children under two years of age into a baby contest and this particular photo of my son won first prize as the prettiest baby in the group! And, I really had to agree with the judges' decision then and I still do for that matter!

Aside from playing around with the photos for the past two days, I did a few other things too. I read two books over the weekend - "Coal Run" by Tawni O'Dell and "Dark Ridge" by Linda L. Rucker. Both were really good reads, in my opinion. Check 'em out - I ordered both of them through good old Barnes & Noble and that wasn't meant as a plug for the bookstore but rather just telling where they can be found!

I also knitted two scarves and have a third one a little over halfway completed now too. These are really easy and work up fast too and soooo pretty! Two of them I used the Fun Fur type yarn (eyelash) that has the pieces in it that looks like there is a yarn-type confetti in it. The one is white with these multicolor bits that are scattered about in the scarf and the other is a black background type with the confetti-type pieces being in ecrus and tan shade and it is very pretty too. The third scarf is in a beige-gold sort of shade - also an eyelash yarn (Envoy by Bernat I think it was called) and the strands are the beige-gold with a dark brownish, almost purple cast to it of a ribbon type thread and it really give the scarf a very striking, rich appearance. My daughter Mandy really liked all three but the third one there I mentioned, she really loved it! Hmmm. Guess I will have to remember then to stash it away and I've got a Christmas present all taken care of then! Plan ahead you know!

And speaking of planning ahead and crafts and such, the older daughter when she learned I was knitting some scarves again starting whining about her birthday only being a month away and she would like a really pretty scarf too if I was still in the knitting mood for much longer. She also stated she really would like it if I would consider making her something for her home like maybe another tablecloth, embroidered, along the lines of the one I had done and given her for Christmas last year. Or another embroidered table runner too was another hint she tossed out at me. THe only problem with doing embroidery is I am very slow at that for openers plus right now and until I get some new glasses, I can barely see to thread the darned needle and have a lot of difficulty trying to get the stitches in the correct spots on the fabric too. I have four or five tableclothes to embroider here - all are stamped cross-stitch because I can not see well enough to keep counted cross stitch even close to being neat and correct with respect to where my stitches go there but to do a tablecloth would take me at least till December to get it finished unless I were to do nothing else, AT ALL, for probably the next 2-3 months at the least. And I know my ability to concentrate on something that tedious for that length of time just is not going to happen so my daughter's going to have to wait a pretty long time before she will have another hand embroidered tablecloth done by me!

Oh, and because it is snowing here now and we are supposed to get between three to five inches of snow this morning, with the snowfall predicted to be very heavy between 8 a.m. and noon, I cancelled my appointment I had for this morning at the eye doctor's because I don't want to have to drive in that kind of weather, on nasty roads, etc., unless it is an absolute emergency. I have a new appointment scheduled now for this coming Friday though so hopefuly, I won't be going around here blind as I have been doing for a couple of weeks now since my little Princess broke the stem off my "good" pair of glasses - the ones with the most recent prescription in them anyway!

And all that above information brings me to the Bushism for today. So without further writing or fanfare and all that stuff, here's the Bushism quote for today.

"They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program." - St. Charles, Missouri, November 2, 2000.

And that's my say for today! Nite all!


Debo Blue said...

At first I thought the photo was of the same baby only you had done something special w/the 2nd. They do indeed resemble each other.

I can't knit, embroider or anything else with needles. Both my mother and sister are great at it but as a girl it never interested me. Congrats to ever gets your handiwork.

Anonymous said...

You fallin' behind, darlin? Where's my post?