Saturday, March 24, 2007

Off and Running!

"Princess Maya!"
The photo here is Maya, taken at Christmas with a very special gift she received from her sister, Sierra. This is a set of Barbie-type dolls but each one came dressed as a specific "princess" - Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, etc., and when Maya opened that package, as she removed each doll from the box, she knew immediately by the dress on the doll, which princess that doll was representing. I was amazed that she knew each character by the clothing! And this is the photo I selected to put on Maya's Team's webpage too! (Just in case you didn't check out our website on Cure Autism, you can see what MY little princess looks like! Isn't she just a little doll though? Well, we sure think so anyway!

This walk that my kids and I have signed up for - a fund raiser to Cure Autism - has really started off with quite a bang for us!
Wednesday night - we learned about the walk and that we had to register before midnight that night in order to be eligible to get a tee shirt commemorating the walk.
Now, you really have to know and understand my kids and me when it comes to tee shirts to understand then why it was paramount that I get our registrations in under that deadline. The tee shirts are a very important element in our wardrobe! And, I got our registrations finished and submitted, just under the wire for my girls, Carrie's fiance, my older grandson Alex and good old Grammy here to have matching shirts for our walk!
Then I sent out two big e-mails - not that the e-mail itself was that big in each case - just that I blind copied them to just about every single person in my address book. Plus, I posted about the walk on my blog too.
When I went to bed early Thursday morning, we had a total of $52.00 from four registrations for our team. Carrie had registered earlier so she isn't listed as being on our team and we haven't yet figured out how to get that adjusted so she will show up on Maya's Team.
As I said last night in my post, we had a really good day yesterday with our initial responses to the e-mails I sent out. And today - wow - just incredible!
As of right now, we have $252 recorded donations for Maya's Team, but more - much more coming! "Uncle" Robert now has $200 he has collected at his workplace and Maya's Aunt Kathy got over $50 in donations just this afternoon at the little local pub where she works and those have not yet been submitted to the fund raising headquarters to be added to our donation total. But needless to say, when they are sent in, it will put us over $500 in less than 48 hours!
It appears that the owners of the local pub will also "sponsor" our Team and the girl who runs the bar at the local club here is going to put up something there to receive donations for our team too. And, we are going to see about getting a social service/insurance organization through our church to back us and if that comes through, they will match any donations we get on our own, dollar for dollar! Wouldn't that just be fantastic though?
The best part though is that my son mentioned this to his boss, that if there were some way they could work things so they aren't on the road on that particular weekend and his boss said he will get things set in place for them to run earlier in the week and that way they will both have the weekend off. And that means then that Uncle Clate will be able to walk with us too!
Mandy called her Dad Wednesday night to tell him what we are doing and I told her to tell him he HAS to sponsor all three of us. He agreed to do that but hasn't given us a figure as yet. Wait till Mandy calls and tells him he will now have to sponsor all three of the kids - plus me! But hey - this is for his granddaughter who is HIS little Princess Maya too, as much as she is my little princess and he already regards her as "special." (Which she most certainly is!)
And now, since Mandy has work early in the morning and Grammy will have to be up and at least semi-functioning by 7 a.m., I'm heading off to bed now to try to get a reasonable amount of sleep.
But before that - here's my parting gesture of the day - the Bushism for Friday, March 23, 2007 followed by the Bushism for Saturday/Sunday (March 24/25). Enjoy.
"Home is important. It's important to have a home." - Crawford, Texas; February 18, 2001.
"I was a prisoner, too, but for bad reasons." - To Argentine president Nestor Kirchner, on being told that all but one of the Argentine delegates to a summit meeting were imprisoned during the military dictatorship; Monterrey, Mexico; January 13, 2004.


Smalltown RN said...

well good luck with your walk...what a great cause.....good for you to make a team. two of my sisters, my brother and my niece and I all made up cycling team for "ride for Heart" for the Heart and stroke foundation. We would cycle 50 km in one day. It was a great cause...especially see as everyone on the team had a pacemaker!!!

oh I have a new address...please drop by....

TomCat said...

Bravo Jeni!!

I don't know when Bush was a prisoner, but I certainly look forward to the time when he will be.