Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Few Changes

I start out with really good intentions. I'm going to do some sewing. I think I'll knit a couple more of those pretty furry boa-type scarves. I need to get my photographs organized and start scanning then, saving them to cds. There's this other blog I should be thinking about how I'm going to set it up. I REALLY need to CLEAN my bedroom.

Add to that, the little things of life - today's a work day for my daughter so I'm on - watching the two little grandkids. Every day - or almost every day - it's my job to first put my self into a thinking mode as to what I might like for supper and then, go into the actual cooking mode to get it prepared.

Nothing there is really super difficult with the possible exception of cleaning my bedroom. I really and truly do loathe, abhor and despise even thinking about that task. I'd rather have five root canals (if I still had anything to do root canals on) that even think about the mess my room is most of the time.

All the rest are relatively simple things just some are more time consuming than others. But I manage to keep procrastinating and very little of those things get done.

But in the past week, I did finally get a couple computer-related things attended to. If you check my favorites list off the right, you might see I've made a couple additions there.

Tonight, I added a blog written by a lady I've come to regard as a friend though we've only "met" via e-mails exchanged in "The Writer's Life" group I joined early last fall. Her name is Marilyn Celeste Morris and her blog "Once A Brat" is about a book she has written detailing her life from 1938 to 1958 as the daughter of an Army officer. After viewing the book trailer she has on her site and reading what she has posted thus far about her life, her book, the blog looks to me like one that will be very interesting to follow and the book sounds very enticing - especially to someone like me who really enjoys history-type things.

Another blog I added to my favorites list is "On a Rainy Night" written by Paula, from up in Oregon way. She posts some really beautiful photos of the area of this country she calls home and she and I share a hobby too - knitting! Plus, she's going to be a grandmother not once, but three times this year. All those things kind of put Paula and I on a common ground plus, I like her style of writing, her commentary on things in general. Stop by her site and check it out sometime.

Sometimes I actually manage to do things I've told myself I'm gonna get done and adding those two blogs to my list of favorites was something I should have done before now but well, you know how it is when you happen to be a master procrastinator and Scarlett O'Hara is your favorite book heroine of all time.

You just sit back and say "I'll worry about it tomorrow."

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Dorothy said...

Man am I behind in making blog posts...tomorrow...tomorrow! Just wanted to pop in and say hi, Jeni! ;o)