Sunday, March 25, 2007

Take a Bow, Theo!

I'm going to try to get ahead this week - get a jump on things. That's my game plan tonight but how well it will pan out over time is anybody's guess. So, first things first and here's the Bushism for Monday, March 26, 2007.

"[A] free Iraq is essential to our respective securities." - Washington, D.C.; June 1, 2004.
Ok - now that's over and done with for today! Reading that Bushism though brings a question to my uneducated mind here - what does it mean or why do they have this [A] showing like that? So much I have not a clue as to why things are the way they are!

But on to other things now too.

Tonight, I finally got around to looking at an e-mail I received the other day from my son's Godparents. Well, actually, it came from his Godfather, Theo, who is also - in my opinion - the absolute master of puns! He also loves to send out videos, jokes, photos - you name it - if it has a twinge of humor too it and especially if the humor is a bit off-center, risque, count on Theo to find it and send it to me and a bunch of others on his "friends" list.

And trust me when I tell you this, I don't mind being one of the recipients of his brand of humor either. Nope, not one little bit do I mind. Usually, opening something from him has a tendency to be risky and I have long ago learned never, ever to open anything from him just after having taken a sip of any type of beverage. Too much mess to clean up off the old keyboard and the desk!

Tonight, the piece I opened from him was a little video, which I found to be cute - not hysterically funny like some he has sent but very cute.

However, when it started to play, the music caught my granddaughter's ear and she came running over and then stood by my side, mesmerized as she watched the video the whole way through. Never seemed to move a muscle nor did she appear to even blink.

And not only that, she requested a little while later that I play it over again too! And that - the fact that she made her wish know clear enough that I could understand what she was telling me - really was quite a surprise and a very pleasant one too.

When I replayed it for her, she sat on my lap this time and you could see she was studying it very closely. Now, if we could just get the subliminal message this video might have across to her, everything here would really be fantastic.

Here's the video. Bet you can tell too then what subliminal message I'm hoping might be in there too now can't 'cha?


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