Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday - What's New?

What is new today? After the events yesterday, I surely do hope there isn't anything going on today that could possibly top the shootings yesterday of 5 young Amish girls near Lancaster, PA. How horrendous!

One thing of note in most of the reports coming out of there though - in my opinion - is how the Amish community pulls together and their main them is not revenge but love - love even for the man who perpetrated such pain and grief on them, love for his wife and family as well. While I do agree with extending the love to this guy's wife and family, and in theory, doing the same to him sounds like the most Christian, the most humane thing to do, I wonder if it had been one of my children, or one of my grandchildren who had been gunned down, if I could maintain an attitude like that.

Other than that, things are rolling along in my household just swimmingly! Ok, touch of sarcasm there - as always. They are however, rolling along, just not necessarily "swimmingly."

I think I finally got things squared away now and a time set up that will work for us next Friday - the 13th - for me to go to Pittsburgh for the repeat colonoscopy procedure the surgeon I saw down there two weeks ago wants done before he determines just how he will proceed with more surgery after that. However, if the length of time it took UPMC Presbyterian Hospital to get me set up with a colonoscopy is anything to use to compare to the time it took to get surgery scheduled last year at Allegheny General (also in Pittsburgh), then I am probably looking at December for a date for more colon surgery this year. Lovely, just friggin' lovely, ain't it?

I wish they would just schedule the damned surgery and get it all over and done with - soon - and thus, in the process maybe eliminate one extra "house cleaning" routine I would have to do on my intestines to prepare for their manipulations and scrapings and cutting there. Gosh, how I hate the prep stuff! Really, really yucky! Especially when, like me, one has to go without food all day and take all those high-test laxatives all the while trying to arrange to get a three-hour drive to Pittsburgh in when your system is full of laxatives and there are no "every-five-mile- bathrooms" along the way down there.

On a high note here though - I'm still reveling in watching my little granddaughter show off the "Penn State Cheer" I taught her this past Saturday after their game and win over Northwestern. She does a pretty cute rendition of saying "WE ARE! PENN STATE!" with her hand up in the air and fist clenched now as she says it too! You go, little girl, you go!

I signed up on Sunday to join yet another Writer's group - this one being a forum type with Writer's Digest. Looks interesting enough at any rate. Hopefully I will learn a few things here and there from it too! The piece I posted yesterday about the red kid gloves my aunt gave me for Christmas one year in my teen years came about after reading a forum on that sight with ideas listed of things to write about. Trigger trippers you could say they are. That piece, I'm sure, could use lots and lots of "tweaking" but it made me think and remember my sweet old Aunt Sis and what a trip she often could be as I wrote that.

On another note about me - I'm still dealing with the damnable pains in my right side, along the lower part of my rib cage there, from the case of the Shingles I had about 5 weeks ago now. I'm beginning to wonder if my side is ever going to be pain free again and if it will ever return to feeling normal, whatever the heck normal is anyway. All the darned pain pills seem to do is make me rather groggy most of the time. Something I don't usually have that much problem with during the day most of the time. Most folks would probably say I am generally asleep even when I think I am awake anyway!

So there you have it - my thoughts on a Wednesday.

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