Saturday, October 21, 2006

MEME Response

Being new - relatively speaking - to the blogging world, I've seen on various others blogs the MEME things and lo and behold, last nite, Barb - who has been reading and commenting in my blog, hit me with one of these things.

It took me a while to think of answers to these things but finally, I completed it - all except the tagging of another's blog. Although I guess I kind of lurk around in the blogosphere, reading other blogs randomly, I haven't really established that much in a line of communication as yet, other than with Barb and now, I see her husband Mike is reading and commenting too on my blog. Makes me feel good though to get comments on my thoughts, (good, bad or indifferent - just no spam junk on it, please!).

So, with all the above in mind, here's my responses to the MEME Barb tagged to me.

5 Thingamajigs I Like:
YARN – finding a great sale on the stuff is a double pleasure
My Grandchildren - Being able to be with Maya and Kurtis 24-7, Alex whenver it is possible.
Doing research via’s historic newspapers about my local community.
Having my computer, my blog, e-mailing family and friends
Eating freshly baked Swedish Limpa Rye bread with lots of REAL butter on it

5 Thingamajigs I Hate:
Trying to get my stepgranddaughter to appreciate ANYTHING
Trying to get my stepgranddaughter to understand the importance of education
Many, many politicians – from the local legislator up to the top in Washington.

5 Thingamajigs I Do Far Too Often:
Forget important things
Play on the computer

5 Thingamajigs I Do Even Though I Shouldn't:
Forget important things
Play on the computer

5 Thingamajigs I Would Never Do:
Touch snakes
Touch spiders, other than with my foot with a shoe on it to squash it. Yeah, Killer, I know!
Try to be church organist again.
Disown my kids or grandchildren
Forget about the importance of extended family as well as immediate members.

5 Thingamajigs I Regret Doing:
Waiting so long to go to college (graduated at age 50)
Being too judgmental at times
Not speaking up to a neighbor who said racist things to the “fresh air” child my ex and I had for two weeks one summer about 30 years ago.
Not joining Al-Anon before I did.

5 Thingamajigs I Would Do If I Won 100 Million Dollars:
Pay off all my bills and my kids debts.
Buy a Winnebago RV
Drive the Winnebago all over this country!
Take a trip to Sweden and Scotland – other countries too if possible – but my ancestry is Swedish and Scotch, therefore my interest in those two countries first.
Set up college funds for my grandchildren

5 Thingamajigs About Me That Are Peculiar But True:
I can’t think of any right now but I bet if you asked my kids, friends, other family members too, they could give an earful!

5 Thingama-Blogs I Tag:
Blogging is still very new to me, don’t really “know” another fellow bloggers well enough to hit them right now with one of these things.


Anonymous said...

I graduated from college late, too! But the important thing is that we did it, right? And I should add that I work with lots of Penn Staters! Seems we had one come to our company awhile back and she recruited one friend who recruited one friend, and so on and so on.

Barb said...

OOoo.. a Winnebago! Why didn't I think of that. I only "spent" about $100,000 of it.

Good luck with the stepgranddaughter.

Mike said...

I liked your answers on the meme. Thanks for adding me to your list also. Good luck with the upcoming surgery also.