Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happiness - Birthday and otherwise

Today was a big day in the household. My little Princess, Miss Maya, the beautiful little granddaughter, celebrated her third birthday today. Actually, we also celebrated it a bit last nite too with her half-sister, Sierra, being here and her Pappy - Paternal Grandpa, and Aunt Kathy and cousin Jared with cupcakes her Mommy made for her.

We found out too that Maya is also afraid of lit candles last night. Mandy got a single candle - the number three - put it on a cupcake and lit it. We turned the lights down and started to sing "Happy Birthday" to Maya who took one look at that candle burning and began to scream bloody murder. Turning her head away and all! By the time we finished singing, she did clap her hands then but when Mandy put the candle in front of her again and told her to blow it out, the screaming fired up again. So, maybe that's a good thing too that she is afraid of flames? Let's hope so anyway!

Today, I bought a small cake for her at the grocery store on my way home from Clearfield. Didn't have time today to bake one for her and a big cake would be too much for us to have here in the middle of the week as no one is that hepped up about cake in this house to begin with.

I had to go to Clearfield today to have my lab work done in preparation for the surgery next Monday. Had blood work, a chest x-ray and EKG and today, the time it took them at the hospital to get me through all three of those things was record time! Very speedy service today. The one technician, who I commented to about how quickly things were moving today though told me not to expect that everytime! Yeah, how well I know that routine.

On my way over to the hospital though, I stopped up at the Vo-Tech School where my son is currently a student in the Truck Driver Training Program to see if one particular instructor of the class was around outside anyplace. I lucked out in that when I pulled into a parking spot, there he was strolling across the parking lot.

This instructor is a guy I knew twenty some years ago when I used to waitress at Max's Restaurant - the big Truck Stop in Snow Shoe. His name is Jack Price and he used to drive tractor trailor for Preston Trucking Co. out of West Middlesex, PA. When they first started up the truck driver training program, and I saw Jack's photo in the paper then, I knew it was him. So when Clate started inquiring about the classes, etc., I told him then if he met a guy named Jack Price who was with the program, to tell him hello from me. I was pretty sure Jack would remember me from back in his driving days and my waitressing time and I was right.

But seeing him again today, really made it a little happier for me as it brought back lots of memories of some really fun times at the truck stop. Never made very much money there, worked my butt off too but also, and more importantly in the grand scheme of things, I had a really great time working there! Lots and lots of laughs every day!

For supper tonight, I made "City Chicken", buttered noodles, baked acorn squash and tossed salad. Carrie and my older grandson, Alex (age 9) came up for supper. They had been to see the dentist, from there they had gone to the nursing home in Clearfield to see Aunt Mike, my Dad's baby sister who is 89 now and her daughter, Jane Ann. Aunt Mike didn't recognize Carrie right away which bothered Carrie somewhat but she did know Alex and told Carrie she would always remember Alex because he was her favorite. Well, I know he is not her absolute favorite cause she has many "favorites" if truth be told!

When Carrie and Alex got here, before supper, Alex treated us to a rendition of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on his trumpet - which he started taking lessons on about two weeks ago. His playing is slow, loud, very labored to be sure, but I felt the kid has done pretty good to get that much accomplished in two short weeks! Who knows, maybe we'll have another Al Hirt on our hands here someday! It could happen. It could happen. (Thanks to Judy Tenuto - a favorite comedienne of mine for that line!)

Before Carrie and Alex left to go home, she was kind enough to take pity on the old lady and my aching legs and rubbed lotion on them and my feet and massaged the calves! Gosh did that feel good. Still does for that matter. Very relaxing and stimulating all at the same time!

Now I feel like I can enjoy a little tv time tonight, take a pain pill in about an hour or so to relax me even more - so the freaking shingles when they start their incessant pinching - won't be quite as noticeable and I'll, hopefully, be able to fall asleep for a couple hours then!

Till the next time! And again, Happy THird Birthday to Maya Kirsten, Grammie's little princess! For sure, you are that my sweet angel girl!

Love, hugs and kisses from Grammy J.

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Barb said...

Today was my grandson's birthday, too!