Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Catching up in Age!

Today marks a milestone for my cousin, Ray, who is much, much younger than I!

Today, he joins me in the lower echelon of senior citizen status as he turns 62 today. As I said, and as he constantly reminds me too, I am much older than he - by all of three days - so I already made my entry into this arena this past Sunday when I hit 62!

Yippy Skippy! Welcome aboard Ray. Enjoy the ride!

And, did I mention this too? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Or as my little granddaughter, the lovely "Miss Maya" would sing it to you -

Happy happy to you, Happy happy to you, Happy Happy Ray, Happy happy to you!

Maya hasn't quite mastered ALL the words to the song just yet, but she's working on it. Along with getting better at doing the Penn State Cheer too! YEAAAA!


And now - WE ARE - 62!

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