Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

Ok, thankfully, Halloween is over and done with - gone for another year!

Little Miss Maya didn't get to go out tonight dressed up cause she slept too long in her nap today and when she woke up, had to have supper - which I was afraid she was going to be miserable for me and not eat cause Mandy took the baby, dressed in his little adorable leopard suit over to the neighbor's for his first "trick or treat" event. She took him over to my best friend Kate's house and then, down to Kate's daughter Karen's place and they both insisted she had to take him then up to Kate's sister, Shirley's place too so Shirley and her husband, Bo, could see how cute and just darling he looked - all smiles, ear to ear, of course! But then, that's his normal pose!

Because Maya has some developmental issues, I was a bit leery of how she might react or respond when the kids started to arrive here, all dressed in their spooky best attire but she did remarkably well. Even though she was somewhat peeved that her Mommy wasn't here to enjoy the strange sights with her, she did very well - didn't run or scream or show any fear - just a little bit of awe at times when she saw kids she knew but wasn't quite sure what to make of the whole deal I guess.

Overall, it was a fun evening with but one exception. There was one group of four kids who showed up here and the leader of the pack - a very tall young man, looked to be about 16 or 17 years old, had a big old (for real, not a make-believe one) tattoo ringing around his bicep and when he came in the house, he even had to stoop to get in the door. I made a comment to him about didn't he think maybe he was a tad too big to be trick or treating and he told me then there were 3 others with him almost as big. I asked them in and one of the two girls in the group said no, she couldn't come in cause she was smoking a cigarette! I then didn't hide the disgust in my voice when I stated if you are big enough, old enough to drive a car and smoke cigarettes too, then you are too damned old to be trick or treating. They still held out their pillowcases and waited for me to drop a trinket of candy into their packs and it still galls me to see kids that darned old taking advantage of an event that should, by all rights, be left to the younger set to enjoy!

Does that attitude make me then the Grinch who stole Halloween? I don't think so and I don't really give a rat's behind if anyone who reads this disagrees with me on that aspect of this little fun holiday either! Go suck my big toe!

But to those who enjoy the fun of halloween, have little ones who look forward to this time of year, I'd just like to say "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"

And may all your witches be the good ones from the North or South, not wicked and from the East or the West!

Now, let's go eat some candy!

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Dorothy said...

I totally agree, Jeni! Used to make me so mad to see "kids" taller than I was begging for treats. Still makes me ticked off!