Thursday, October 12, 2006

An Edgy Day

Well, today's the day of deprivation of food and camping out then in the bathroom and all of this in the name of medical science.

I dread these things.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a colonoscopy to be done at UPMC (University of Pttisburgh Medical Center)Presbyterian Hospital, then a CAT Scan after than, all of which will be followed with a consultation with the surgeon there - Dr. Steven Hughes.

So, today I am on a very restricted liquid diet - black coffee and popscicles is about it unless I decide I want to tackle some chicken broth! Lovely.

Then, this afternoon, I get to drink 1 1/2 ounces of phosphos-soda (something like that name anyway), follow that with several gallons of water and wait to begin running to the bathroom. About six hours after the first dose of this concoction, I get to repeat the process.

Now, the fun part of all this. I live about a 3 hour drive away from Pittsburgh and the hospital and my dear daughter is supposed to chauffeur my fat fanny down there today. She has made reservations though at some type of place to stay that is affiliated with the hospital for a room for tonight at a reduced rate of $45 for the night. My understanding now is that this will be for me, my daughter and her fiance to stay there and that news was a trifle unsettleing to me.

Don't get me wrong here because I love my daughter's fiance very much. He's a really nice guy. But, now along with dreading the afternoon and evening because of the laxatives I have to take, the thought of a three hour drive down to Pittsburgh with my system full of laxatives and being anxious too about the procedures tomorrow, I will be a total wreck because he talks incessantly! JUst constantly jabbering about everything and anything!

When I am riding to an appointment like this, I usually try to take a book along and often also some type of handcraft project I am working on - knitting or crochet or something along those lines. And, I like to sit quietly then as we ride and read or work on this stuff as it helps relax me but I can't do that when someone is constantly talking to someone else or worse yet, asking me a ton of nonsense questions like "Are you ok, MOM?" Do you want anything or wonder what time it is or other stupid things like that. I just prefer to be left alone to concentrate on the book or the project at hand so I don't have to think or allow my mind to wander then and begin to worry about the tests they will be doing.

Then too, the thought of being confined to a small hotel room tonight while I endure the ramifications of the second dose of this powerful laxative with my daughter and this energizer bunny of a human being, is one that I don't especially look forward to either.

Why on earth she felt it was necessary for him to go with us is absolutely beyond my level of comprehension, for sure! But then, if he weren't with us, he would be calling her every 10 to 15 minutes on the freaking cell phone which is equally annoying to me because her driving makes me nervous enough at times without her fumbling around for the phone, trying to drive with one hand, not paying attention to route changes, etc! Makes me wonder at times what the hell I did to deserve this! Probably paybacks for my wild and wicked younger years when I was a mega hell raiser at times I suppose.

Oh well, such is life. I should be accustomed by now to living life on the edge but this is one edge I'd rather not be that close to, ya know!

Just say a prayer that I don't do something drastic like take my yarn and wrap it around his neck and strangle him or stab him with a knitting needle or crochet hook in order to SHUT HIM UP for at least 5-10 minutes.

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Paige said...

Well I'll say this is a call for earphones, ones that go with a radio, cd player or whatever you like. If you don't have one stop at the local WalMart & pick one up. Or you can always go by the outdoor/sporting goods section & get some ear plugs (like the hunters use)
good luck & hope every thing comes out ok -no pun intended