Friday, October 02, 2009

Toasted and Roasted!

How many of you -my readers -have ever heard of the blog "Authorblog" and its creator, David McMahon?

I know how I found David's blog but I don't remember exactly when that was. By my estimation it was probably about 2 1/2 years ago and I found his blog via my good friend, Bernie (aka Vic Grace) and her blog Cariboo Ponderer which is now known as Back Country Ponderer. Over the past couple of years since I first got to know Bernie, she's introduced me to lots of things, many having to do with computers and technology as she has tried to explain things to me. (And trust me, but when it comes to computers and technology, it often takes a lot of "'splaining" and even then, all too often, I still am in the dark.)

But Vic/Bernie did introduce me to David and I've followed his blog, faithfully, ever since then.

Now, David has decided to take a break from blogging to work on other projects he has going. You see, not only is David a big-time blogger but he is also an author -having written and published one novel with two others about to come out too. In addition to that, he is also a very renowned photographer and journalist but don't think for a New York minute that David has ever left those components of his busy life give him a swelled head or anything like that. He is always as down-to-earth as one could possibly be and always, ALWAYS, willing to give a fledgling journalist/photographer/blogger a helping hand in any way he can.

One way David had of reaching out to bloggers and helping them to get a little publicity for their blog was by his daily feature called the "Post of the Day." In this slot he would select various posts from bloggers all over the world and give it a recommendation for the rest of us to please give a particular post that person had written a look-see. It was quite an honor to have David select a post and list it with other bloggers with that little "POTD" icon you could put on your post for that day.

But another way David helped many, many of us in the blogging community was with a weekly feature he started probably close to two years ago now. This was his "Sunday Roast" in which he would "interview a particular blogger, asking various questions -how did you choose the name for your blog; what's the best thing about blogging; your most favorite post you've ever read or what post of yours do you feel is your best post.

Now, with his blog-tirement, (is that what one would call it?) the "Sunday Roast" was in danger of becoming and endangered species. Lost to the blogosphere, for sure.

However, rather than have that happen, David got together with Eddie Bluelights -a slighty crazy blogger from merry olde England (Hey -anyone who follows Suldog's blog has to be a bit tetched in the head, don't you think?) and Eddie is going to take over the Sunday Roast where David is leaving off!

Now this is really a great move on David's part to think of making it possible for this really cool vehicle of the Sunday Roast to stay part of the blogging community and it is also really superb of Eddie to be willing to take on the extra work of keeping the Roast going too!

So, if you've never heard of David and Authorblog, you can still go and look at his blog and in doing that, you'll get an idea of what kind of great stuff he always had posted there AND in the process, you can then also see what the Sunday Roast thing is all about and why it's so great that it will be continued in the fine tradition established there by David.

So, bookmark Eddie Bluelights blog or put it in your reader, add it to the blogs you follow -however you do your thing with respect to blog reading, just make sure you mark Eddie's place with a good spot so you will be able to keep reading the Sunday Roasts along with some of the other brand of humor and postings Eddie also does.

Trust me! You won't regret that move!


Maggie May said...

Thanks ever so much for doing that, Jeni.
I am sure we will all be looking forward to seeing the Sunday Roasts over at Eddie Bluelights, Clouds & Silvery Linings each week.

Now we need someone to take over Post Of The Day! Any offers?

Berni said...

Thanks so much for the kind mention. I don't remember how David and I connected at all. I would like to read his book and enquired in the local library but it is not to be found in Canada

Travis said...

I always enjoyed David's blog. I didn't visit there regularly, but I always had him in my reader so I could keep up with his wonderful photography.

He was kind enough to recognize a couple of my posts in his Post of the Day feature too.

I wish him the best of luck.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Just seen your kind words, Jen.
Thank you very much indeed.
I love doing the Sunday Roast.
btw I can be serious some of the time but fortunately I can use my sense of humour in this fabulous job.
Hugs Eddie