Saturday, October 10, 2009


My son - who is far from being a candidate for sainthood -would probably view some of my posts as being hypocritical.

Why? Well because some days I write about stuff and then, turn around and do pretty much the exact opposite. That is being hypocritical, isn't it?

For example, here I was today surfing a little bit and stumbling across this site -don't even ask how I found it -on something I talk a lot about but do relatively nothing about it or to practice this stuff or whatever.

If I were really serious about losing weight, dieting, and the like, it's true, a good appetite suppressant probably would be needed or might help. But the thing of it is, I don't really eat all that much and am not constantly hungry or anything like that.

But one thing that might help -if I really want to maybe not gain any more weight would be to stop baking some of the delectables that I do enjoy making from time to time. (No, I am not your typical Grandma who always has a full cookie jar of homemade goodies there. But, Mandy is the bad one here who almost always has some kind of bought cookies or worse yet, candies and chocolates, hidden somewhere in the depths of this place. Her own private stash ya know!)

Last night for example, I baked a batch of bar cookies called "Chocolate Streusal Bars" which are divine! They have a bottom layer of chocolate, then a cream cheese-type filling in the middle and are topped by more of the chocolate mix used for the base crust and a little layer of finely crushed walnuts sprinkled on top of that. Mmmm good!

Today, I baked off three and a half dozen cookies that I mixed last night (they had to be refrigerated before being baked otherwise, I probably would have baked them last night.) These are little cookies with bits of Andes mints in them -kind of like chocolate chip cookies but the dough is slightly different but the same principle anyway. And man, are they yummy too!

But I did this because this is gonna be a bit of a special weekend and in a few upcoming posts, you'll learn why.

That's all I'm telling you though for today!

So, you'll just have to come back to learn more. No big long, zig-zag post explaining everything under the sun happening here today or coming up tomorrow or Monday!

Suspense, huh?

After all it is Halloween this month and maybe that plays into something in my writing today.


Woman In The Midst: Raw said...

The cookies n' bars sound YUMMMM-EEEEE!

terri said...

Sure... dangle those delicious sounding goodies in front of us and then don't even tell us why! ;-) I know you'll spill the beans soon enough!