Thursday, October 29, 2009

Down Two, Up One

Have I posted any kitten pictures lately? For that matter, have I even written about the cute little creatures since maybe the week they were born? I don't think I have, but as senile as I am at times, I may have done that and forgotten too.

However, I think today is National Cat Day -or something like that. I'm sorry -can't remember the exact title but if you go check out Fermicat's place, you'll get the full scoop there. If it is possible for someone to be a bigger cat lover than my daughter Mandy, I do believe Fermicat holds the honors for that!

But anyway, in honor of National Cat Day, I thought I'd show you a picture or two of the lovely bunch of coconuts -er cats -that we have here.
Here's sort of an overhead shot but at least you can see a little of each of the six kittens. For whatever that is worth, ya know.

Well, the kittens will be seven weeks old tomorrow and since they've been eating kitten chow now and drinking water out of the dispenser for a little over a week, it's time for them to move on to bigger and better (hopefully) places.

And, I'm really happy to announce that today, two of 'em did just that!

These two -sisters -left today for a new home with Duane and Kelly Luzier -my son's boss and his wife! They asked for two of the calicos when the kittens were only a day old!

And boy, not that I didn't like these two -or the other four remaining kittens -but I was really happy to see them go. Two down, four to find homes for. Time to get cracking on that now, isn' it?

But, before I go any further, I have to tell you that we had three additions to the household zoo Sunday night. Yeah, like we needed more animals, huh?

This time the additions came in the form of three lovely little bunnies -sorry but no pictures available of those three residents in our basement at the current time. As I write this, Bill is busy in the basement trying to build and then erect a pen to the back of the house so the bunnies will have a roof over their heads and won't be hop-scotching all over the cellar anymore.

These arrived compliments of my son-in-law's son Shane's grandmother -Bill's ex-mother-in-law. Seems Shane had managed to get these three bunnies from heaven only knows where and brought them home to the house he, his sister and grandmother share with his youngest aunt and her husband. And it seems that the uncle there had more than a bit of a hissy fit, insisting that Shane turn the bunnies loose in the backyard and he would then use them for target practice the next day. And of course, this cause a huge ripple effect in that household with Shane crying rivers of tears and Grandma getting very upset, so much so that she called Bill and asked if he(we) could take the bunnies and care for them. Supposedly this was to be until other arrangements could be made but after four days, I guess Bill figured he'd been suckered into taking them and raising them so he'd best build a house for them!

Wonderful! Just what I always wanted!

And then today, when Mandy got home from having taken Katie to the podiatrist, she brought another present home for the family!

Allow me to introduce you to Sammy!

Seems the lady who owned Sammy took ill suddenly and is in the hospital. Also, apparently her ailment is such that she will no longer be able to care for this cute little mutt so Mandy, it would appear, was in the right place at just the right time -or is that the wrong place at the right time -whatever, and she ended up bringing Sammy home to live with us.
Yes, he is a cutie though, isn't he? And he's very friendly and nice -the kids love him and he is easy with them plus -a big bonus when getting a dog -he's already housebroken! Knows a few commands too -like "get down" (off the furniture!)

The drawback to his entry was primarily that it was very unexpected so I had no time, since no warning given, to gather the kittens and put them someplace where they could maybe meet him gradually. No! Mandy just came home, opened the door, let him in and kittens scattered throughout the first floor of the house! And I had to go on a search and destroy mission then to locate all six of them because Duane and Kelly were on their way here to pick up the two calico sisters pictured above in this post! Took the better part of an hour -maybe a bit more -till we finally gathered up at least the two kittens they wanted to adopt!

Chino -our grey cat and who is very loving and frequently is a bit of a pain in the dupa with her demands as she insists on sitting on either my lap or Mandy's and manages to get herself situated there whereby she blocks any view at all of the tv screen -spent the afternoon and better part of the evening parked in the side windowsill in the living room. But at least she was quiet in her disdain for this white furball of a mutt that was now sharing her space here.

Nina -the Mama cat -was not exactly the epitome of being a social diva. Not. At. All! She spent the bulk of the afternoon laying under the table and growling at Sammy, the dog. A couple of times, in his naivette, trying to show he really is a friendly little fellow, he got a bit too close and she lashed out at him -causing a few yelps of pain.

Then, she promptly went to the kitchen and proceeded to eat most of his dog food from his bowl!

This evening though, as I was loading some picture of the cats, kittens and Sammy to my Facebook, a racket erupted in the dining room with chairs banging around, one landing on its side and some really, really loud barking then yelping and crying from the poor dog. You'd have thought he'd been mortally wounded by the amount of noise but I think Nina just clipped his nose a good one again.

However, all this commotion brought Bill running upstairs from the basement to see what had happened and then, he grumbled to Mandy and me -after we said it was just Nina slapping Sammy -that they'd better get acquainted and become friends and do it fast too! And back down to the cellar he went.

As Mandy and I stood here in the living room and both of us shot him the finger at the same time!

Yeah -like mother like daughter I guess, huh?

Or perhaps a better description of us would be "Great minds run in the same channels."

Your choice there.


Anonymous said...

After reading this, I am guessing you have a very soft heart!

Misty Dawn said...

Sammy is too cute, and I want one of those kittens!!!
You had me laughing about you and Mandy shooting the finger!

TechnoBabe said...

There is always something going on at your house, either kids or grown ups and now cats and dogs too. Full house huh. I agree with Misty Dawn, Sammy is too cute!!!

fermicat said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Those kittens are adorable.

And for others... just because National Cat Day was yesterday doesn't mean you can't post some catblogging photos today!

Sandi McBride said...

ONG JENI...your house sounds like mine...and the little Calicos...don't you just miss them? I love Sammy...glad he has such a good and loving home with you and your tribe! Don't forget to show us the lit'luns in their Halloween get ups!!!

Suldog said...

Ah, if MY WIFE wasn't allergic to animal dander, I'd come down to your part of the world and take the two orange tabbies right now. I've always loved tabbies.

terri said...

Those kittens are absolutely adorable! Good thing I don't live near you or I'd be picking out a kitten too. I'm trying really hard to maintain the attitude that we are NOT adding to the animal population in our house.

Sandee said...

I've always known that you have a soft heart. What a wonderful thing to take care of so many of God little creatures. Wonderful.

Those kitties are just adorable.

Have a terrific day and weekend honey. Big hug. :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Those kittens are TOO adorable!

Maggie May said...

Now I should definitely NOT be looking at kittens! I am looking the other way. I miss my cats so much!

You are soft hearted to take in the dog and I do hope that he gets the message very fast that he mustn't chase little puss cats round the house. You will have to train him to round them up with a whistle.

Nuts in May

Berni said...

Don't think you needed the extra stress really I don't.

Linda said...

Now don't you mean "Down Two, Up FOUR" in the title of this post? After all, 3 rabbits + 1 dog = 4 more critters! Pretty soon you're going to be able to sell tickets and make a little extra cash off of your live-in petting zoo!

You really are a soft touch, aren't you?!? ;-)

Jocelyn said...

More than ever, I need to tell you, "Jeni? Your entry to heaven is assured."

Lifecruiser said...

Oh those kittens are really adorable, what a cute pattern in their faces!!!

I so understand the thing with the dog... It's hard to resist them... *giggles*

That's why i never wanted to be a Vet!!!! I'd have my home filled with pets....

Travis said...

It is sad to see the little ones go, but you have so many animals!

Dianne said...

Sammy is adorable! and I'm sure the older cats will eventually accept - or he'll learn to give them lots of room

the cycle of kittens has to be so stressful for you though
are the older cats fixed yet?

I know there are low cost clinics, we have one here

or even if the cost up front is a bit much it has to eventually be less than caring for kittens til they're adopted

I foster rabbits now and then when the shelter is full - they are sweet and friendly creatures

hugs to the whole family!!!

Paula said...

Oh! Bunnies! I would have taken them in a second too. I've been threatening to get a rabbit for a couple of years now, but afraid an outside hutch would not be a real good idea with the huge amount of raccoons we have in our neighborhood.
Sammy is adorable! Hope you find a home for the rest of those wayward kittens soon. They're too cute and I'm sure will find families soon!

Anonymous said...

I love cats but am sooooo stinkin' allergic... I wish I wasn't.. I would've scooped up those calicos! They're my favorite!