Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clean Up. Clean Up.

There's this little song that Maya learned her very first week in pre-school and which she loved back then. Today -well that song strikes a much different chord with her.

The song: "Clean up!" It extols the virtues of picking up ones toys, clothes, whatever, ya know, to help keep the home (or classroom) all neat, clean, tidy.

Now it's also a nice little song that would be good if a few of us of the grown-up variety would sing all the time here too and then, we wouldn't find ourselves in the bit of a pickle currently being faced here.

Right now, as I write this, Mandy is upstairs trying to "tidy up" the 17-year-old's bedroom and to have things stashed away (but not tossed out-away, ya know) in time for the arrival of the company we have coming today.

I told her what she really needs is a nice big stainless steel drum (actually, I think we would need several, possibly an army of them) to contain stuff in that kid's room (and then, mine and the other bedrooms too) in a manner that the drums could then be stored someplace where they could be concealed but it wouldn't necessarily matter then if that area were damp cause a container like that would prevent them from getting mildew and stuff like that, don't 'cha think?

Okay, I suppose it wouldn't exactly serve the purpose today -not enough time to get enough containers, ya know. But dang if it doesn't sound like a whiz-bang idea of a way to store stuff in the future -like maybe my crafts stash stuff? That way, I could use the room under the bathroom -that only has a dirt floor and is very damp -to store things there then, couldn't I?

Hmmm. Guess I'll just have to keep this idea under wraps but still under consideration, won't I?


Travis said...

Plastic containers are great for extra stuff. That's what we did with all our extra stuff to move it out to storage.

An added benefit is that when it's time to go get your stuff, you can see through the boxes rather than have to unpack a bunch of stuff to find what you want!

terri said...

This post makes me feel so much better about my kids' rooms. Kacey spent a couple hours trying to restore her room to a respectable level yesterday. I went to collect bed sheets, and after getting hers, went into Jake's room to get his. There I noticed a large duffel bag sitting rather high off the floor. Upon moving it, I found a basket of my white linens... wash cloths, dish towels and hand towels! WTH? Stashed in HIS room! I thought I seemed to be missing some things, but couldn't figure out what had happened to them. Now I know! I don't even want to know why they were stashed in his room.