Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DONE! Finally.

I know I've mentioned being in this kind of bind before -on numerous occasions -but last week, between the grief, the mad, mad turmoil of the massive cooking over Tuesday and Wednesday, then the work in helping serve the funeral dinner on Thursday all added up to a couple of things.

It created some very achy legs and a back that felt like it was gonna snap in half a couple of times as I tried to recuperate on Friday and Saturday of the past week.

It also put me way, way, way behind in my blog readings!

I know -some might say I could have/should have just clicked on the "Mark all as read" button on my reader but truthfully, I really do hate to do that. In my mind, that is cheating. I may not always comment (something some who know I can be as long-winded and rambly on my comments as I am with my posts and maybe are grateful for the absence of commenting at times) but I do try to read as many of the posts that pop up on my reader as I possibly can. Once in a while, I might just sort of scan through but usually, I do read what all of you have to say.

I figure it's only fair to at least try to do that.

It's taken me what seemed like forever though to finally wade through the mass of postings on my reader since last Wednesday but I did it -having just finished clearing out my reader completely about 15 minutes ago now!

And I'm really glad that I was able to do that too!

I read some really great pieces you -my blogger friends -had written and for that I want to thank all of you for your work, your efforts, in putting these piece out here! I'd like to be able to go through and spotlight every last one of you -but that would take me till Lord only knows when to do that and right now, I'm feeling very much in the need for some sleep!

I'm also -thankfully -beginning to lose the rotten edge my being had allowed in to my inner self that pretty much took over me for the bulk of the day yesterday. And, some would say I am really crazy in saying this, but I owe a lot of that change in my attitude from then to what it is now, to having read some of those posts tonight and into this morning!

Well, that and a great big bowl of chocolate marshmallow ice cream that may have helped a bit too. Chocolate is almost as good a soothing element at times as any little old anti-depressant or Xanax tablet can be, don't 'cha know?

And, if any traces of the really yucky, nasty mood haven't yet been cleared out when I get up in the morning, I think then I will take the advice of blogger and Facebook friend, Terri, and bake some bread!

Yeah -it's another of my "cure-alls" for days when I'm sinking into an abyss of a mixture of depression and anger and need a way to vent without totally boring the pants off everyone in the blogosphere.

And with that, I bid you all a sweet good night and thank you along with that for helping me clear my space, my air and my mind a bit.


....Petty Witter said...

Chocolate marshmallow ice cream - sure sounds like a cure all to me, comfort food if ever there was such a thing.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I too try to read and comment on all my blogs in my reader but sometimes life gets in the way.

Sandee said...

I'm trying to remember the last time I had ice cream or bread. I can't remember. Oh well.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

TechnoBabe said...

My hubby is making bread today. Don't you just love the way the aroma of baking bread makes the house seem more homey? I know what you mean when you get behind in your reader. You feel like you are going to miss something if you don't at least scan them all. I know you had to have racked up some points for future use in your house with all the work and love you have shared this past week to do with funeral. You have a big heart.

Suldog said...

You are one of the best and most faithful readers THIS blogger has, Jeni. I surely do appreciate it.

Linda said...

The one thing that I find the most "frustrating" about blogging is not being able to keep up with all of everyone's posts. With my work schedule it's just downright impossible sometimes as every time I think I'm caught up, another post or two pops into my reader. Work an evening shift and then follow it up with a double shift the next day and - poof! - the Reader is jam-packed again and I'm way behind.

Now granted, I could probably solve that problem by having less blogs in my reader but every single one of them is there for a reason and I'd hate to delete any of them. The best solution would be able to read and comment at wor when I have downtime but I just can't convince our IT guy that's a good thing. Rats.

Berni said...

Feel free to mark all as read sometimes. Your blog is for your relaxation and fun and there is no one looking over your shoulder. I love it when you leave a comment but sometimes life is just too much and I think you have been doing too much Jeni and you are stressed. What you could do at 40 you can't now. I can't believe what I used to be able to accomplish 20 years ago but I would hate to try now.

Paula said...

Good night my sweet friend. I hope you get some much needed rest. Chocolate marshmallow ice cream and baking bread sound like wonderful starts to beating the nasties back!

Like everyone else, yes, of course we love it when you leave comments, even lenghty ones (LOL), but NEVER ever feel like you have to. That just takes all the fun out of it. I certainly don't always comment, not always enough time or anything in my noggin to say.

Palm Springs Savant said...

You are too hard on yourself! Keep the blogosphere fun and light and enjoyable! Wow that chocolate marshmallow ice cream sounds so good right about now!