Friday, October 16, 2009


Bear with me as I am behind again on my blog readings! This time though it wasn't all because I was wrapped up in my embroidery project, although that does have a little bit of bearing there.

Nope! This time it was primarily because my computer was not acting right! Slow would be an understatement as to how it was acting. It's been slowing down a lot lately but last night, I couldn't even do the "Clear disc" thingy as it just wouldn't process it. So, I did the analyze on the defrag and it said to defrag it and I did that -which by the way took all freaking night to run!

So this morning, with things not wanting to open, things would drag like crazy when I would type anything -with the words on the screen appearing about 8-10 words (at least) behind when I had actually typed them, I was trying just about anything I could think of to see if I could figure something out.

I called the computer shop (where I had purchased this fine unit) and the guy there said he couldn't tell me anything to do over the phone except to disconnect everything and bring it in to the shop so they could then "repair" it. Hmmm. Even if I'd had a vehicle here at that point in time (which I didn't) I would not have been Johnny on the spot to take the tower in there as I really didn't think there was anything majorly wrong but just that it needed some tweaking somewhere. And I really didn't feel like (nor did I have the coins for that matter) to take it in there and have them charge me anywhere from $60 to $80 (at least) for something that maybe only would take them 10 minutes or so to "fix."

It was then I decided to call my next-door neighbor, Dan, who is pretty computer savvy and he told me to click open the start button, then click "run" and type "msconfig" in that blog and hit enter. From there, he had me go to the tab across the top that says "Start-up" and click off anything I could identify there but also said not to worry if I clicked something else off by accident as he said it wouldn't hurt anything.

So, I did that and the list of stuff that came up under my Start-up was huge! At the bottom of the list it gave me an option to simply "Disable all" and I decided to live dangerously and clicked that on, hit enter and tried to access stuff after that.

Amazingly -to me -things got pretty nice then with ye olde computer as it picked up a great deal of speed. The typing feature returned to normal. I could open programs and it wouldn't have them all constantly showing up then as "not responding" and since then, things have been going along just swimmingly!

Although all of that leading up to following neighbor Dan's directive had me wasting well over six hours of my very valuable time!

And that's how I came to fall so far behind in my blog reading this time!

Nice though to have the computer now behaving properly though!

Speaking of behaviors too -I have a little story to tell you too -before I close up shop and head off to bed. (I have to get to bed a little earlier than my norm of 4-5 a.m. cause I have a doctor's appointment this morning.)

This evening, I was having some issues with Maya. They were pretty much the normal issues we have with her these days -now that she is becoming such a grown up girl, in kindergarten, ya know and picking up all kinds of stuff in addition to stuff she figures out on her own at home here to.

I was more than a little peeved a her and was telling her she better get her butt in gear and behave or else!

She then informed me that "NO! I want Kurtis to be the "Be" and I'll be the "Have" (pronounce that word with a long A, please)!

She had me with that line and I had no comeback. None. Whatsoever! And I had to look away, cover my mouth too, so she wouldn't see that I was trying very hard to keep from busting up, laughing out loud at her!

Kids! Much as I do want her to "behave" properly and all that, it was well worth losing that argument with her for the humor her response provided to Mandy and to me!

You know, I just realized something now too. It's now officially Friday and you know what Friday means, don't you? Time for an "Only The Good Friday" post and what better things to use for an entry there than getting the computer to run and place nice-nice with me again as well as having Maya put me -and my orders to her -in my place!

So that's what this post will be then -my Only the Good Friday! And if you don't remember what that is all about, it's an event set up by Shelly Tucker -the great little story-teller from down Texas way -who wants us to do a post every Friday in which we try to see the good in something that might have had us feeling in an opposite way! Check out her blog here for more information on how you too can participate in the "Only The Good Friday" postings.



Woman In The Midst: Raw said...

Ugh! Computer glitches totally blow... I'm so glad I bought all the program discs and have a son who can handle all the work to be done on it. Saves tons of money! I'm so glad you have a truly good neighbor!
Happy Friday!

RuneE said...

Computers are finicky things. I had my main one through a main refitting this summer by people who knew less than they thought they did. That of course meant various trips back to the shop. When all that was settled - the screen went blank. Luckily I now had an excuse to by a better (and larger) one.

I hope your now will be behaving itself!

Maggie May said...

Glad you got things working again. I get really worked up when things go wrong on mine & I can feel my heart rate really going up! Son tells me *Don't forget..... you are the human IT is the computer!* Somehow or other IT has quite a hold on me! LOL!

Nuts in May

Sandee said...

I hate it when the computer decides to act out. Just like kids and often you don't know how to make them act right. I'm glad your neighbor helped out.

Funny on Maya. They do indeed misbehave and you want to laugh anyway.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

TechnoBabe said...

That's a good neighbor to have there, nice of him to help you with your computer. For someone who knows what to do it seems like a small thing but for the ones who don't know what to do it is a big deal.

Linda said...

I've been having some issues with my laptop but I guess what with it being almost three years old, that's to be expected. Still, I guess I just expect things to last longer than they do!

Sending warm thoughts your way and hoping that this unseasonable weather doesn't stick around for long or usher in the most horrible winter in a long time. As beautiful as Pennsylvania was while we were there, I'm glad Amanda and I got home before all this weather started!

terri said...

Computers can be SO frustrating, can't they? I'm glad your neighbor could help you out and save you from having to pay someone else to look at it.

Smalltown RN said... have some stories....

As for the computer I am always so thankful that I have hubby readily available...I don't think there is a computer issue that he hasn't been able to fix for me. As for the fragmenting....yes that takes for ever to do...and yes it is something you do when you don't need access to your computer....I just recently did that to's worth doing as it does help speed things up....

And your dear sweet Miss Maya...oh golly girl....I think I would have split a gut...good for you for finding some control.

Hope things runs smoothly for you and your computer...have a fantastic weeekend!

fermicat said...

Nice work on the do-it-yourself computer fix!

The Crap Blog Detective said...

Your blouse hurts my eyes

Hilary said...

I'm glad you were able to resolve your computer woes. Your cute Be and Have story makes me think of the typical comeback kids have for being told to behave. "I AM being haved!"

....Petty Witter said...

Hi, thought I'd pop over and say hello after I noticed that you too had been paid a visit by a certain 'detective' - pleasant wasn't he? To have a go at your clothing was just hilarious when you consider what he was wearing but then I would say that as my blog 'sucks'. Best wishes with your future blogging.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a bummer!!! So sorry to hear of your computer difficulties...Nothing more aggravating!! Glad to hear that you've got it fixed...Have a wonderful weekend! ~Janine XO

Beth Niquette said...

Well, I totally enjoyed your blog. And your blouse is bright and perky. Tch tch tch--that odd little crap blog detective needs to get a life. (grin)

Have a wonderfully delightful weekend!

Dr Jenn said...

I popped lulu on the rear end for being fresh with me and she told me that I made her "Butt Itch"