Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot Time A Comin'

Did I mention before that Mandy now has a part-time job? Not that many hours per week -only about 13-15 -but enough that it gets her out of the house and she earns a couple bucks in the process.

She works one full shift each week as the bartender and two evenings, cooking in the kitchen at a nearby establishment - Jackson's -down in Winburne.

Here's something she got recently from her employer.
It's a bit dark so it's difficult to see but to the right side of the invite is a wooden stake, with the tip painted in a blood red. Yeah, the boss lady there does love Halloween, you could say, huh?

When it comes to holiday invitations, I think this one really takes the cake!

The owner of the establishment has the inside of the place all decorated for the season as well as even having spooky stuff up on the roof top too.

One other really neat thing about this place where Mandy is working is all the stuff they sponsor there for the "Make a Wish Foundation." They recently had a silent auction of all kinds of things and through that, they raised $14,900 for the Make a Wish group.

I think that is so fantastic for a small bar in a very small, pretty rural area, to raise that much money for a group that does such great things for children and their families, don't you?

And it just goes to show the human spirit too at its finest.


Sandee said...

Good on Mandy having a part time job. That's a very good thing.

As for the silent auction? Awesome comes to mind. That's a lot of loot for a small area as you said.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Halloween is a fun time! Congrats to mandy on the PT job.

janeywan said...

Mandy is bar-tending? I didn't think she was that old. Boy time is flying or I'm confused.
Cute invitation, love Halloween.

TechnoBabe said...

I have often noticed that the most generous people are the ones with less money. They share without question.

Travis said...

Well that's some good news. Every little bit helps, right?