Friday, May 29, 2009

What's Up With Google Reader?

Something is definitely wrong here -at least for me, on my computer, with my Google Reader!

No, it isn't that old problem I had for over six months -from last summer to early this spring during which time I lost readers because they thought I had quit blogging when my Reader was being contrary and weird and wouldn't update my blog posts.

Thank goodness it's not that again because that was a royal pain in the dupa until I finally got that fixed.

No, this is something totally different going on here now and I'm wondering if other bloggers are having this problem too or if it is just me.

I rely very heavily on my Reader to make my way as quickly as is possible daily to check my favorite blogs for their latest posts. And up until a couple days ago, it usually did a very good job for me.

However, lately it has been acting just plain strange!

When I open my reader and see how many posts are waiting for me scroll down and read them, I always do that by clicking on the "All Items" on the left of my screen -just under where it says "home." It will tell me there the number of blog posts that Reader has picked up as being new items for me to read.

And of late, Reader has not been clicking off the blogs as I scroll through them and has not been changing then the count of how many new posts are still there -waiting on me to get to them.

As if that alone wasn't enough of a bit of aggravation for me, there is more too now.

It often doesn't remove posts from the list of "to be read" items in the area where I scroll down and read the posts of others whose work I enjoy.

Nope! Sometimes it will keep them there for days!

Because I have blogs I subscribe to as well as Blogs I follow -and sometimes a blog is going to list out under both those categories, my blogs in waiting to be read counts are sometimes double what they really should be because Reader will count those blogs listed as a favorite and then, it will count the blogs listed under blogs I follow and will add the two together and when it is a blog that has been added to my favorites list over the roughly 18 months or so that I have been using Reader, if I have also clicked "follow this blog" since that feature began, then those blogs will be double-counted on my Reader.

But the really frustrating thing is that for the past day or a little over that, my Reader seems to be "looping." By that I mean after I read the posts indicated as being new, Reader is not eliminating them from where I scroll down to read so my reading list is never coming to an end right now. Sometimes it does subtract them from the total number of blogs it says I should read but sometimes it doesn't do that.

But I is difficult when it keeps these other blogs showing up, again and again and again -after I have already read the posts.

And clicking the button that should remove them -that one that says something to the effect of clearing the screen, doesn't work either. I don't like to use that button as I am always afraid to that somewhere in the middle will lurk a new post that I haven't actually already read too ya know!

Frustrating -just plain frustrating, plain and simple. And that frustration is compounded too because I know from prior experience when I have a problem with something to do with Blogger that trying to report it to them to get it fixed is virtually useless as I can never elicit any type of response from BLogger to indicate they are working on these issues hitting me and they sure as hell don't offer any -or very little -assistance with instructions of how to correct these problems then either!

So, that's my mini-rant for today. Now, I just wish Google and Blogger and whoever else has a finger in this pie would get their collective arses together, get on the ball and get this stuff all fixed for those of us who rely on their products so heavily.

But I'm thinking too their theory is probably that old adage about there being safety in numbers and them being so large, they must be figuring then that there is no need to fix this stuff because they have a monopoly and who cares how strongly any given problem may create when there is a monopoly involved.


Just agree with me cause you do know I am right, don't 'cha?

Now, I need to get busy and bake several loaves of bread today to donate to our Youth Ministry's bake sale/car wash tomorrow. I wasn't going to make anything unless the step-granddaughter actually came and asked me to make something as a way to try to teach her a lesson that when the group is having a fund raiser and especially one from which she personally will benefit, that she needs to get off our behind and actually go out to people and solicit donations for the fund raisers. She just assumes I will do these things you know and Mandy -well the stepgranddaughter also relies on her to make phone calls for her, requesting food items for the bake sale.

I didn't do that for my kids and my Mom never did that for me when I was involved in activities like that. I feel this attitude of hers, expecting that Mandy will call around and get donors for the bake sale instead of her doing it herself and also, her expectations that I will just automatically be johnny-on-the-spot with contributions of bread and cookies or cake and stuff too is evidence of the laziness within her and thus, makes her also then undeserving of the activities these funds will go to support!

Am I wrong to feel that way?

Okay I confess I would have baked something -would do it really late tonight so she wasn't aware I had made something, just to see if she even noticed that. But knowing her she probably wouldn't even notice a lick of difference there!

Kids -often a royal source of irritation!


Maggie May said...

I have had problems with google not updating some posts & now there seems to be a problem with Mr Linky and the temporary equivalent keeps directing my regulars to the wrong (inappropriate) post!
I have noticed a significant drop in my last post. Comments are going to the one below! Grrrr.

Hammer said...

I've had it happen too. I think what causes it is when one blogger changes how he or she does their feeds and it makes them incompatible with some readers like google or outlook.

When your reader gets to this particular blog it gets stuck and cannot go on.

Here is how I fixed mine:

Click through the blogs on your reader and try to find one that gives a warning "cannot update or unsupported" then delete that blog from your reader.

If that doesn't work hit control al delete and open your task manager and look for google reader under the processes, highlight it and choose end task.

Close everything and then go back in to your reader and try to get it to update the blogs.

good luck!

Woman in a Window said...

Google Reader is the spawn of demons! (Ah, but it's free.)

Yes, teach that child involvement...or you'll be baking for her forever. Kids! Then come and teach mine, k?

(Thank you for your honesty at my place today. Your words really touched me.)

Dr.John said...

I don't use that system but keep my own tally on blog comments and commentators.
My daughter is the head of the fund raising activities for the youth group at our church. She tells us that only half of the kids who profit from the funds make any effort to raise them.

Travis said...

I've had the "looping" problem before, but it usually doesn't last very long. The worst problem I've had was between Google and IE. IE kept crashing out when I used it to access my reader.

Since I have switched to Firefox, I haven't had any trouble. Internet actually moves much faster as well.

terri said...

It's not just you. Mine's been acting strange too.