Sunday, May 03, 2009

No Spring Left in Me!

Here it is, the beginning of May, spring has arrived, flowers and trees beginning to bud and bloom. Lots of others around me are shaking of the remnants of the cabin fever from the long seemingly never-ending winter, all busy and full of energy.

And here I am getting further and further behind. Or so it seems to me anyway!

I've been really lax this past week with blog posts and just barely been able to keep up with reading all the blogs I follow. And why is that? Well, this week, I'm blaming it on having started knitting a sweater for Maya. But it's more than just the knitting. I've just been plain tired some days and just bored other days with nothing to say worth typing about.

Saturday (today or now it would be yesterday if you go by the clock that currently reads 1:42 a.m. May 3rd) was the "Spring Fling Garden Party" at our church. It's a nice little luncheon event with all kinds of gardening things, plus seeds, seedlings, floral potted floral arrangements and such for sale -all to put everyone in a gardening and uplifted mode because spring is here! Rejoice!

I went out there and had a very enjoyable lunch -the chicken salad they served, along with a little presentation of fresh fruits (grapes, strawberry and a nice slice of cantelope) along with a selection of home-baked nut or banana breads on the table and mixed fruit sherbet served with a yummy and big sugar cookie was delicious -as it always is. The lady from our church who coordinates the food for this event is a fantastic cook and always does a bang-up job of organizing, cooking and serving this type of function at our church.

They had lots and lots of plants and such. I came home with two nice big tomato plants ready to transplant soon, plus a couple containers of impations and some dahlia plants to give my son to plant along one side of his house. Not much, but a little something to brighten his exterior up a bit.

Friday, I had planned -or hoped to anyway -do a post for the Only The Good Friday event that Blogger Shelly Tucker over at This Eclectic Life has going. But events that occurred late Thursday night and kept me busy all day Friday kept me from writing a post for that. Actually, I was in such a not-so-nice frame of mind because of those events, I'd have had a really hard time finding anything good to say.

Why? Well, because earlier this week I lost the sound on my computer and I didn't get around to trying to find out why it went south on me until late Thursday night and that work -trying to fix the sound on the computer by a dummie like I am when it comes to computers and stuff like that was really very time consuming as well as really, really frustrating! Thankfully, I got some pointers and help from good old blogger buddy Hammer -as he e-mailed me suggestions of where to look, what to look for, etc. Finally -and the sad part here is I don't know what I did -late Friday afternoon, all of a sudden, the sound started to work again!

But not before cyberspace was pretty well filled with speeding e-mails back and forth between Hammer and myself and mine were mostly filled with enough curse words to practically turn cyberspace purple and not just a little blueish! So I figured then that until I worked myself down from the frenzied and frustrated frame of mind this computer stuff -when it goes haywire on me -had me in that I couldn't be doing a nice, lets see the good in everything message. However, now that it appears to be all fixed, fine and dandy, I am seeing the good from that frustrating stuff -that Blogger buds have to be the best ever for their kindness, understanding, sharing of knowledge and helpfulness to those of us who aren't near as knowledgeable as we probably should be about computers!

So, with that in mind then and with loads of thanks to Hammer for his help, I'm gonna say that this is my contribution then to the "Only the Good" theme for this week and here's my picture to indicate this is an Only the Good post too!

Actually, going back a bit to the beginning of this post, it's rapidly becoming more and more evident around this region that spring is here and summer is now just around the corner by the arrival -already or again (however you care to think of it) of the many, many four-wheelers, those dreaded ATV riders, running up and down on the road in front of our house at all hours of the day and night -mainly on Saturdays and Sundays but sometimes in the evening hours during the week too.

As a matter of fact, just about five minutes ago, there was a group of four-wheelers that just went down the road past the house at yes, almost 2 a.m.! Keep in mind you know that it is supposed to be illegal to ride four-wheelers on the roads but that doesn't seem to stop them nor does it seem to slow many of them down, or for them to at least try to go a bit slower to ease the noise levels from those freaking machines too!

And finally, as further proof the four-wheeler season has offically arrived here in central Pennsylvania, we had our first fatality of the ATV's season too -two weeks ago tonight when a young man from out in Drifting and a friend of his managed to collide head-on with the four-wheelers they were riding about 1 a.m.! One would think after the horrific four-wheeler accident that happened about 2 miles -give or take a yard or two -from my house over Labor Day weekend in which three men died that people would at least try to slow down, be a bit more cautious when riding these things but by the looks of the way this year's season is starting to shape up, guess that's not gonna happen then is it?

And my final contribution for tonight -really it is something I found pathetic in one respect and yet, very humorous too as evidence that crime really doesn't pay is this article that I clipped out of the Thursday night edition of our local paper -The Clearfield Progress. This was front page news ya know. I think if you click it, the magnifying process will go into effect and you'll be able to read it.

Yeah, this is big time news in this neck of the woods -and especially in our little village here. Most everyone here in town knows not just the people charged with the arson but also the state trooper who just happened to be at his Mom's house to plow snow around her place and up to her house on the evening all this took place. Betcha that couple never ever in their wildest dreams figured on that being part of their arson equation, huh? Needless to say, the whole event -as recorded in this article -is creating quite a stir around town and garnering a whole lot of chuckles too in the process! Maybe we're all a bunch of sickos here to see humor in someone torching their house and getting caught too. You can be the judge of that!

And now, I am offically announcing that tonight -I am beat! Oh and there goes some more four-wheelers now up and down the road! Hope that's the last of 'em for tonight but with my luck (which is almost as lousy as is the arsonists' luck) about the time I just doze off, when I'm right about that stage where you are between the early light sleep and the deep sleep -know what I mean -probably one or two of these jackasses on their damnable four-wheelers will go flying by the house and wake me up and then, I'll be wide awake for the next several hours, unable to go back to sleep till 5 or 6 a.m. then, and not rested enough to drag my fat self out of bed at 8:15 to have enough time to get showered, dressed and out the door for church in the morning!

Just say a quick prayer that these clowns are done doing their loud ramming around for tonight. Okay?



Maggie May said...

Strange how *nothing worth typing about* syndrome produces an interesting post! I get that way too!

Yep, Spring has really sprung here, too!
Bird song can be heard again, now that we can sleep with a window open! Flowers are out and leaves on the trees. Lighter evenings are a bonus!

Thought your *front page news* was a corker! When you compare front page news with here & now..... are we a nation of delinquents? Seems we have really serious crime on our front pages. Or are we just hearing about things from further afield because of all our technology?! I think so.

Travis said...

Well, I guess it's still innocent until proven guilty. But there sure is a lot of circumstantial evidence related in that article that points to the home owners.

Red said...

When the 4x4's get going around here we have problems. It means the drunk hunters are going to screw with us or it means butthole across the highway has pot plants growing in the woods and he is checking on them. Never a dull moment.

Mary said...


Yes, spring is here. The boys came over today and we planted some leaf lettuce, tomato plants, onions and asparagus. I am looking forward to enjoying some homegrown veggies. Wish I had more room.

Sounds like you had a nice time at church. The lunch sounds delicious.

Glad you got the sound on your computer fixed. It's annoying when things go wrong. Like you, I don't have much luck at fixing it without some help from a computer whiz.

Take care and enjoy your week.

Hammer said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I have a simiar problem as the ATV guys but instead it's kids racing up and down with loud mufflers.

I'm going to start calling the cops to see if there any noise ordinances being broken.

Palm Springs Savant said...

and I thought it was just me feeling overwhelmed of late. so much to do, so little time it seems.

terri said...

Oh Jeni, you are SO much like me. Those annoying little things that interrupt our sense of contentment just manage to drag you down. I know too well how you feel. I'm glad you got things all fixed, even if you're not sure how it happened.