Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rough Day at Black Rock?

Because Friday is coming up -fast, too -I want to try to maintain a positive outlook and approach to things, therefore, I titled this "rough" day, instead of what we expect to read in a line like that. Nope, no "Bad Day" -just a bit rough around the edges maybe.

Tuesday began with Bill getting up at 7:15 -surprising as that may be because he didn't let the alarm go off for at least and hour or more before finally dragging himself out of bed to go at it for another day.

Mandy said he told her he came downstairs, headed to the kitchen to put the tea kettle on to heat his hot water for his morning cup of tea and then, turned around to head to the bathroom when he head a voice speaking to him.

"HI Daddy!" Just about scared the living crap out of him as he wasn't aware anyone else was awake and he definitely wasn't aware it was Kurtis and that he was perched ever so nicely in the recliner, big old smile on his face too!

The fact the little guy got up that early today meant that by 1 p.m., he was starting to wear down, getting crabby as all get out because he was so darned tired, ya know. Darned good thing that the speech therapist had called last night and cancelled his therapy for today because the mood and frame of mind he was in, he would really have been a bear and very unbearable to work with!

Mandy got him in the playpen, hoping he would settle down and take a nap while she went out to run some errands. It took a good while before he did finally fall asleep but then, it was a short-lived nap -lasted only about 20 minutes or so.

My day wasn't much of an improvement over Kurt's either though -although I sure as hell didn't get up at 7 a.m.! You could make book on that one! I finally rolled out of bed around 11:30 a.m. only to hear Mandy grumping a bit -again -about the computer and the connection not holding very well again today.

I fiddled around with the modem, got it up and running and then, got an e-mail from my favorite crafts place -good old Herrschner's -and their newest sale notification. It was a struggle all afternoon to surf that site and drool over oodles and oodles of embroidery projects on sale, many at some really terrific prices. I saw a table topper on sale for the unbelievable low price of $4.99 (regular price for it is around $35.00) and even though I already have one of these in my stash box, I knew I had to buy another at that price! Most definitely! I even called my friend and neighbor, Shirley, to tell her about some of these bargains today and convinced her to get a terry towel set to embroider. She keeps telling me she doesn't need any more projects but you see, Shirley operates a lot on the same plane as I do. Which is to say, when the price is that good, may as well figure out a way to buy it then. She keeps reminding me that she isn't going to live forever and that she is already in her early 70s but...I'm not that terribly far behind her and it will give us something to cart to the nursing home and keep us busy -provided we both remember then what a needle is and how to thread it too!

Yeah, I put in a pretty good-sized order there today and now, that gives me a little over a week's time to figure out where the heck to stash these new items in my stash box.

Maya got home from school this afternoon and seemed to be in a really nice, good mood which lasted about 10 minutes before she was in trouble for picking on Kurtis. I asked Mandy to please find out what kind of substance they give that kid at her preschool some days that totally bring out the devil-demon in her?

Then, this evening, Kurtis was having a really, really rough time. Still tired then from not having had a good nap plus his allergies were going haywire apparently. Poor little guy's eyes were puffy as all get out and very red - so much so that Mandy decided she'd best take him to the emergency room to see if maybe he had pink eye too, in addition to the allergy problems. So, away she went, leaving me to hold down the fort here with Miss Maya.

Today also being Bill's birthday, I asked Maya if she thought maybe Gram should bake a cake for her Daddy for the occasion and she readily agreed with that idea. Said it should be a chocolate cake with chocolate icing on it too cause she knew he would surely like that. So a cake was baked and yes, it was chocolate too. I cheated though and used a box mix but the only chocolate cake mix I had in the cupboard was for German Chocolate but I figured he probably wouldn't realize the difference between fudge cake or Devil's food or German chocolate. Made some dreamy-creamy icing with chocolate and peanut butter that also included some cream cheese in the recipe and voila, a nice chocolate cake with chocolate icing too!

Oh, late in the afternoon -after having had many more problems with the computer and the connection via the cable, etc., I ended up calling the tech service department and the lady on duty walked me through some steps, got the connector thing fastened on tightly again and then she did some kind of reset on her end which apparently did the trick because it hasn't lost the connection to the internet at all since then! It had been acting up for well over 24-hours before it finally got things corrected. Thankfully!

Then, this evening, while the cake was baking and I was trying to read a couple more blogs from my reader, I suddenly realized that a certain little girl was not in the living room with me and what's more, it was really, REALLY quiet in the house too. Any parent knows that is a bad sign -just the quiet thing!

I remembered having seen her out of the corner of my eye heading towards the bathroom shortly before the quiet hit so I headed in there to check things out. Got there just in time to see her dumping something into the commode.

When I got over by her, I saw she had taken the pot part out of the pottie chair and had something in it which she had just dumped but I didn't see anything in the commode so I asked her what she was doing.

"I just peed in the pottie and then put it into the big pottie," she says to me.

"Why the heck are you using the little pottie chair when you've been using the big one for a long, long time now? (Well, at least to deposit liquids she's been doing that and slowly of late, she has even managed to put a few "solids" in there too but she never would use the pottie chair when we were working on the full toilet training program with her. So why now? And all of a sudden too?

I was trying to get an answer our of her about this but everything I said or did just seemed to bring on a question back to me from her. A one-word question too and one that is slowly driving me bonkers, ya know.


It was a verbal barrage of why, why, why, and more whys than I want to think of!

Finally, exasperated, I said to her or to the walls -whatever -I think I get the same response from talking to the walls some days, "Why, WHY, WHY, WHY, Why ME!??? Each why getting a bit louder and louder too you see as she was walking out of the room and when by the time I got to the "Why Me?" I was pretty much almost screaming and she was in the living room by then.

But she turned around, came back to the bathroom at the really loud "Why ME?" and poked her head into the bathroom, giving me a really questioning look like she was worried about my sanity and said "What did you say?

Maybe we're moving on to a new word to replace the "Why" with "What."

If so, it's just a matter of time before I hate hearing that word too I suppose.

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RuneE said...

You see to need week-end by the sea, or a cruise. I can't supply that, but I have plenty of "watery" pictures if you want some. Just look around. I have them by the thousands.

Hammer said...

When my little ones get up too early they are monters by 1pm. I have to drag them to their room and make them take a nap or they will get into too much trouble.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, so many things here to react to: the idea of FINALLY getting a kid down for a nap...and then it lasts only 20 minutes; the chocolate cake (NUM); the potty business (you know I love a good toilet tale); the addiction to all things handiwork...

What a rich day. It may have been stressful in many places, but you soldiered through!

RuneE said...

Me agaihn: Thank you for the very nice words - I'm always happy when someone appreciates my efforts. I'll try to keep it up... :-)

david mcmahon said...

The chocolate cake, Jeni, would have to be the, er, icing on the cake!

Travis said...

Y'all sure do put in full days!

Mary said...


It's always something when you have kids and it's always a big surprise when you have special needs kids.

I hope Kurtis is doing okay. Poor little guy. Allergies can be nasty and pink eye is very painful. My grandsons have passed it on to me twice when they were younger.

You need a day off, my friend. A day that you can spend doing anything you wish.

Take care and please be sure to let me know how Kurtis is doing.


Paula said...

"Rough Day at Black Rock". I like it. Sounds like a Nancy Drew mystery or something of the like.

I think that's hysterical. "What did you say?" I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time, but I'm getting a giggle out of it. Did the cake turn out good at least?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

This is a wonderful post!!!! Oh, can we all relate!!!! Have had these kinds of "rough" days more often than I'd like to admit :-) Congrats on your POTD! Very well-deserved! ~Janine XO

Cheffie-Mom said...

Congrats on the Post of the Day Award from authorblog!