Friday, May 08, 2009

Sweaters and Swings and Dandelion Things

It was a long drawn out process but I did it. I finished the sweater and then, decided I would try doing the real "finishing" process. This involved knitting a piece in sort of an ovalish shape and then, embroidering -via the not-so-lovely duplicate stitch -eyes, nose and mouth on this oval and attaching to knitted ears to it too so it is supposed to be a Teddy Bear.

Then, I had to deal with actually attaching said Teddy Bear to the middle of the front of this sweater!

Trust me when I tell you this, but it is highly unlikely -probably when Hell freezes over -that I will tackle a project that involves duplicate stitchings or applique of knitted pieces on a knitted sweater!

Knitting that damned bear's head, doing the freaking embroidery with no chart provided in the instructions and then, attaching it to the sweater took me the better part of the day and night on Wednesday along with at least an addition two hours Thursday morning!

But it is done and here's Maya to model it for you too!

Don't look too closely at the workmanship on the Teddy Bear as believe you me, there are errors galore! But Maya is happy and so is her mother with it and Grammy here -well I'm just relieved that it is wearable! The size I made said it was for a child's size six -which is what size Maya generally wears now. However, although the length of the body of the sweater is fine, those sleeves are about a mile and a half too long for her! It really is more like a size 8-10 I'm thinking!

After Maya got home from school Thursday afternoon and since it was a fairly decent day -first one we'd had I think since about a week ago -Mandy took both kids out to play in the backyard.

They no more got out of the house and Chino, the little grey cat here, went slightly bonkers -chasing around the living room, running from the front window to the side window, meowing a really plaintive cry and was upset because she couldn't get up on the radiator below the side window as Mandy h ad a couple baskets of clean folded clothes blocking her there.

It took me a couple minutes before it registered with me what was wrong with Chino. She was looking for the kids and upset that she didn't get to go outside with them and even more upset that she couldn't get up into the windowsill and at least watch them from that perch!

However, as it turned out, Mandy came to the back door calling for me to bring the camera to her and when I handed it to her, Chino escaped to the deck and then down to the yard where she could keep watch over the little humans in the household!

Here's a couple pictures of Chino keeping watch over the kids and also, of course some of Maya and Kurtis, busy with the things that tend to fascinate children, ya know!

And that ends my picture show for today. Apparently the fresh air and little bit of an outing the kids had this afternoon gave them both a boost of appetite for supper and also pretty well wore both of them out too as they were both down for the count tonight before 9:15 p.m.

Been nice and quiet and peaceful ever since then too!


RuneE said...

Fresh air + children = sleep :-)

PS Thank you for the kind comments!

Maggie May said...

Wow...... that bear is gorgeous! Turned out fine.
Great photos of the children and of course, Chino!

Hammer said...

That is pretty cute. when I was a kid I had a toy that looked like that bear.

It reminds me of when my mom and grandmother were not getting mother got a sweater for her birthday with a giant pig head on the front. Bears good pigs bad lol

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I love those pics of the kids!! That sweater is adorable.

Travis said...

All of those little squirts seem to be growing up pretty dang fast!

Paula said...

OH MY GOSH, JENI! Maya's sweater is so cute and you knit it so fast. Wow!!! I love it and I'm sure she does as well. Very cool!
Happy Mothers Day Weekend~

terri said...

That sweater is adorable and I'm very impressed you created it!

Great pics of the kids, and Chino is a cute little thing too!

Red said...

Me LIKES that sweater! I have a lot of yarn and I like to work with it... but I have no talent ... so ... I am limited to blankets and scarfs! LOL.