Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Searching for Answers

I have problems. Okay, I know -don't we all. But some of my problems involve my body-its shape and size which dictates what type of clothing I am able to wear. Another problem I have involves terrible sleep patterns. A third problem has to do with having had colo-rectal cancer, a colostomy as well as pain issues from a combination of radiation residue in my lower back accompanied now by arthritis.

Exercise for me, would have to be trying to find the time (and good weather to go with it) to do a little simple walking. Dieting by using diet pills is not a route I really want to even think about since I did that route many years ago and I don't like many of the side effects of pills made specifically for that purpose.

Finding a way to regulate my sleep patterns would be a good thing but first, I need to also get my grandson's sleep patterns on a much better level than they are all too often. But I also need something that would help me to sleep better -a deeper, more restful sleep which I currently don't have.

So when I try to look for something that might work for me, I' look for things to improve my appearance via some weight loss but wouldn't interfere with the balance I try to maintain for my intestinal tract. I'd love to find something that could also work to give me a bit more energy and endurance, give a little pain relief perhaps to my back and legs and if there were something that would also aid my sleep patterns at the same time, that would truly be an added bonus.

I recently read about a product that says it will help in all those areas. It's also recommended for body building but that isn't exactly what I'm looking to acquire. However, in reading a bit more about Stemulite, it does appear to be a good, safe food supplement and might be worth my while to try it in the near future.

Made of natural foods, not chemical additives, might play nicely then with my intestinal issues as it has no harmful substances in the formula. It isn't, from my understanding, meant to be used solely as a weight loss product but most people using may experience a slight weight loss. The idea of losing a little weight, gently, appeals to me. That it also aids in providing a much more sound and restful sleep but doesn't leave one with the groggy feelings of many sedatives is something I also find very appealing.

I'm thinking perhaps as soon as my budget gets leveled out a bit -hopefully in the next month or tow -it may be well worth my while to give this product a try. At least it appears to offer help for the problems I have but in a very healthful manner and that, for me, is very important.


Toni Lee said...

I hope it works for you, as I know how much a good night's sleep can help to aleviate all the other problems.
The radiation gave me a daily x 3 case of diarrhea, but benefiber has been a god-send in that area. I tried the Weight Watchers plan, but the cost is rediculous, and I will not do the surgery or pill route either. I know what I need to do, ie: more veggies, less crap, but I just get so hungry and cranky, so I give up. May you have more luck than I did!

Maggie May said...

A good night's sleep is the answer to everything, I think.
Have you thought of getting an exercise bike? You can clock up the miles when you like and don't even have to leave the room!
I have been following a GI diet and (although I am still overweight...... through my own fault as I do eat too much...... it HAS helped me to stick to foods that stay in the body for longer & that makes me feel full up.
Hope you find a good diet that suits you.

lattégirl said...

Maggie May has an excellent suggestion in the exercise bike. I believe if you look around you'll see that most physicians do not recommend diet pills of any kind. Cutting out crap and eating smaller portions, along with a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise daily, is the safest and gentlest way to weight loss AND better sleep. Now, I know your grandson's sleep habits are terrible and not helping your cause. and I have no answer for that particular problem.

Red said...

The best (and healthy-est) way to loose body fat is to gain muscle weight. Gentle weight lifting will give you a more dense muscle mass and the more muscle mass the higher your metabolism.

How do you do this. The easiest is to join a gym or buy equiptment but did you know you can put cans in a bad and use the bag as free weights?

That and the 5 servings of fruits and veggies a week and limit your carbs (on your daily diet but don't eliminate them because that can give you pancreas problems) and up your meat intake. You don't want ot eliminate fat as your body requires fat for proper homostisas, but you do want to limit it to non-saturated fats.

Good Luck! Routing for you.

terri said...

Hammer suggested something to me that might interest you for your sleep issues. It's a natural remedy called Valerian Root. I found it at Walgreens. I thought it was simply a muscle relaxant (maybe having the effect of something like advil, which I can no longer take.) It's actually billed more as a sleep aid. My bottle says you can take anywhere from 1 - 5 pills. I take one, and they work like a charm. I have been sleeping great and my back feels a lot better since I started taking these and also doing a few other things to ease the pain.

Travis said...

Good luck with getting your sleep under control. I suspect that it's easier to pull everything else into balance when you're getting proper sleep.