Friday, December 28, 2007

This Is Ridiculous!

Ok, I know dial-up is slow, problematic - very -in many ways, but are all these issues I've been having tonight ALL from dial-up?

I thought it would be fun to post a little video that Kate - the 16-year-old here - made last week with her new digital camera. It's just a cute little clip -about 5 maybe 10 seconds maximum of Nina, the cat, perched in the windowsill behind the tree and looking around, ready to make her attack on something. It's definitely not of the caliber of a 3-4 MINUTE video like a u-tube or something like that.

I have tried three times now to upload this little video to a post and ended up canceling the process each time because frankly, I got plain tired of waiting for it to load. This is using Mozilla browser and each time, it just sits there and says it is "contacting Blogger" and I am waiting and waiting and waiting -anywhere from ten to thirty minutes with no change in the message at the bottom of my screen. How the heck long does it take to "contact Blogger" anyway?

Just wondering if anyone else has problems of that nature with dial-up-blogger-firefox, etc.

So, for now, you won't get a chance to see Kate's film work in the video of Nina or also in the little video (about the same size) she did of Kurtis running around the living room the other night. It's not that either of them were ultra great -not material for the Funniest Home Videos or anything like that - just cute is all.

Add to those problems the fact I am not feeling up to par at all tonight - either have some kind of allergy, a sinus infection, or I'm getting an good old fashioned head cold but I feel like crapola at any rate. I'm not running a fever -not warm to the touch anyway - but I am cold - just can't get warm so I am getting these mini-chills but just in my arms. Go figure! I know, my system is just plain weird isn' t it? Add to that my left forearm up just above the elbow is stiff and very achy sore all day today too. And it's one part of my body that's never suffered any type of prior injury that could flare up -no old "football" wounds ya know! LOL

Guess it will just have to suffice to say I am truly getting old and decrepit, aren't I?

Hell of a way to go!

Time for me to pop another Mucinex DM tablet now and pray it begins to kick in and give some results so hopefully, I won't end up with a deep, nasty cough on top of all this stuff - something which also usually happens to me anytime I get a lovely little cold these days too.

I think I'll go dig out a big heavy old afghan, curl up with it on the sofa and put the DVD's in of "The Office" that my grandson (Alex) gave me for Christmas. At least Bill got the DVD player fixed and it's working A-ok now after Maya's little fun-fest a while back when she was feeding loose change into the dvd and vcr slots - her own form of "pay per view" tv ya know!

Nite All!


Patois said...

That last part is flat-out funny Love the "pay per view" reference!

Ponderer said...

Hope you are feeling better. I think it is dial up that is making it so difficult. I uploaded a video on dial up and I have a feeling that it what started the screw up on my Blogger blog. It put some sort of code on there that would not allow me to do stuff on the blog.

I have tagged you for 'A look back at 2007'. If you want to do it just select a post from each month and put a link to it. I think it was meant to be the first post of the month but I didn't do that. Check it on my blog.

Casdok said...

Yes hope you are feeling better after curling up on the sofa, sounds just the job!

Dianne said...

I have broadband or DSL or whatever the heck it's called and I often have problems. I spent forever uploading photos to the Kodak Gallery only to discover a done message against a white screen. Well - nothing was done but I guess the Internet can decide for itself when it's done, who am I to question!?

Feel better!

Sunshine said...

I got an "Office" t-shirt. I love that show so much, so curling up and watching it sounds awesome!

Minnesotablue said...

Hope you feel better. Curling up on the sofa under a favorite blanket sounds great to me. And, as you know, I would be the last person to ask about computer glitches!

Theresa said...

Think you are on to something- pay per view, pay per toy, pay per meal, you could be a rich lady!

My mom has dial up, and sometimes she will email me first to see if I posted something new, instead of going through the slow process of opening my blog.

Saedel said...

Hi Jeni, I think it's dialup. Even a 1-min video will take some time to upload.

But once you have successfully put it up on YouTube, let us know. ;)

Paula said...

I agree, it's definately a blankie and movie night at this house too. I have problems even WATCHING anybody's video's they post, but I'm fairly certain that my problem is this ancient computer. I feel a new laptop in my future...someday...
Hope your feeling better, my friend!

Travis said...

Feel better soon!

Linda said...

I think the problem is that dial-up is so out-of-date at this point that it just has an awful time contacting Blogger no matter what browser you might be using. You might be better off with a pack of squirrels for your internet connection!

I know what you mean about feeling lousy; I feel like I am capturing a cold and have been sneezing a lot today as well as feeling tired and achy and just downright blah. I think I might just pop a Mucinex myself before I go to bed and hope for the best as I can't afford to miss work in the next couple of days.

Hope you feel better soon!!

dr sardonicus said...

You can basically forget about working with video if you have dial-up (unless you're embedding something from YouTube or some similar site). Getting cable will solve all your problems - it'll be like trading the horse and buggy for a brand new Ferrari.