Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Question?

I have a question for anyone who might have had a link on their blog to a poster known as "Walks Far Woman" and whose blog was called "Kissing The Dogwood."

Anyone know what happened to her?

She hadn't posted in a couple weeks I think it was and then, the other day when I was making my rounds and came to her blog, it was gone! All that is there now is a message that the "Authors have taken the blog down."

Boo Hiss! I really enjoyed reading her writings, understanding her position on so many different things and now, poof, she's gone.

If anyone has a clue as to why she stopped blogging, I sure would appreciate any explanation there.

Thanks -and here's hoping she decides to pick up and start in again because she had a really great blog.


Terri said...

You might check with Beth ( I think she linked to Walks Far Woman. At least I seem to remember a few comments on Beth's site now and then from WFW. Beth recently took down her old blog and started a new one. She may have some idea whether or not Walks Far Woman has a new blog.

Shelby said...

I don't know.. but it's frustrating I know when that happens.. oh, and I say "boo hiss" all the time.. I chuckled when I read that.. happy day!! :)

Patois said...

I hadn't noticed but now that you say it, I haven't read her in awhile. Do tell when you track her down

Linda said...

Can't help you on this one but it may be like Terri said; perhaps she has switched over to a new blog, though generally I think people do redirect others over when they do that.

Theresa said...

Sorry I do not have any info that can help.

Saedel said...

Hi Jeni, I tried searching her site through Web Archive, but it returned nothing. So I googled cached pages of her site and below are some of the results (Only Cached Text available)

To properly open the sites: Right click on the links, choose "Copy Link Location" and paste on a new browser window.

Main site - Kissing The Dogwood

Her last 3 posts: (latest to oldest)

1. Sometimes

2. Old Friends and New

3. ABC Reflection - appears to be the most commented among her topics.

Hope this helps.


Anne said...

I can't find her anywhere. Does anyone have an update?

Jeni said...

I have yet to find anything out about her so if anyone else does, please let us know!

Anne said...

Any news yet?