Sunday, December 09, 2007

Really Tired!

That header totally describes me tonight! Really, REALLY tired.

Yesterday, I didn't get around to visit only a very few blogs -tonight I finally finished all my daily visits - about five minutes ago!

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment - got stitches removed, good lab report -all that nice stuff. (Nothing drastic - just a little bump type thing on my left shoulder removed last week.) I got some groceries, picked up a new remote control cause the other one for the tv in the living room fritzed out Thursday night and I can not LIVE without a remote control to that tv, that's all there is to it. I know, that tiny bit of exercise between my computer and the tv to switch channels, adjust the volume sure as hell wouldn't hurt me but ya see, I sleep with the tv on, tell time by it (when Nick at Nite obliges by having a routine of the same programs at the same time every night rather than constantly having only "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" on!) And, I stopped and picked up some inexpensive but decent "large" storage containers too for my cookie baking bash that will be ongoing between now and the 24th of the month!

Last night, Mandy and I went to see "It's a Wonderful Life" at the local Rowland Theatre in Philipsburg - a stage production done by the Philipsburg Community Theater Group. Because she and I are both big fans of that movie but also because we are accustomed to the movie, seeing it performed on the stage made it a bit on the "slow moving" side but still good none the less. My cousin, Margaret Ann, her daughter, son-in-law and one of her grandsons (Jamison) all had parts in the play so we had an added interest of course in going to see it -and we did enjoy it very much!

The young man who portrayed Mr. Potter though - he's a terrific kid - a senior in high school now and has played in almost every high school production I think since he was in about 7th grade and he did a super job last night! Kudos to Spencer Folmar! I was joking with his mother about what Spencer's college plans are - major, etc., and she laughed, saying he plans to major in political science but maybe have a minor in Theatre. Good choices there, I'd say after all, politics takes a flair for drama in order to be successful - in my opinion anyway!

After the play, Mandy and I met up with her friend Nancy and Nancy's step-mother, Pauline and went to the Moonlight Madness Midnight Bingo at the Reliance Fire Company. This, I have to add, was the first time I have ever gone to play bingo, for a full session like that -EVER! The last (and only) time I ever played bingo was years and years - EONS ago (my son would say that I would say that) when I was maybe in junior high age range and that was at the Cooper Grove Labor Day Picnic when I cajoled my uncle into allowing me to play a couple games of bingo there - I even won $5 too!

Well, last night -none of us were successful in the money winning department! RATS! A friend of Mandy's did win the one special jackpot though - $500! Good job, Tanya!

But it was not an evening totally wasted as I did win a little door prize thingy - a small stuffed toy with a couple pieces of candy with it, plus Mandy and I each won a "dabber" -only bingo affectionados I suspect will know what THEY are -and Mandy won a ham - almost 13 pounds, sticker price still on it that sold for $29.45 at the grocery store in one of the door prize drawings. So, if you configure that into our win-loss column, we calculate we only lost about $5.00 then total! Not that bad for a nice outing, huh?

However, the bingo games ran late so though it was supposed to finish at 2 a.m., it was closer to 3 a.m before we got out of there and almost 3:30 before we got home! I finally crashed then around 4:30 I think and slept so soundly I didn't wake up until NOON!

Today, after trying to wake up, finally managed to start working on my baking - and cooking necessary items too for the church dinner tonight now (Sunday night -it's 2:30 a.m. Sunday as I type this.)

So to avoid issues with the darned "Separation anxiety" Maya has been having lately - assuring me of no re-runs of having to chase her through the yard today in my stocking feet as I had to do last Saturday after Mandy and Kate left for work, Mandy arranged to take Maya to her girlfriend's house - for some reason or other, Maya never has a hissy fit at all if Mandy takes her there and leaves her when she goes to work. Go figure! So that left me with only Kurtis to deal with and he was being super angelic today which then allowed me to get a lot done.

I fixed my standard "ham & bean potpie) to take to the church dinner and also got four loaves of Swedish limpa rye bread baked (a big favorite at home here). Then I got five different types of cookies mixed up and got two of them all baked off as well! I started on this cooking/baking mini-marathon about 3:15 and didn't get a chance to sit down at all until around 6:30 or so when I had to stop and feed Kurtis - then it was back to the slave kitchen to do some more. I finished up for tonight about 11:15 -and got to sit down for the second time in an 8-hour time span so now, my back from my waist down to my behind is killing me. I know, whose fault is that anyway but my own, but I do what I can when I can and then, pay the piper later ya know!

When I started doing my kitchen detail though, I thought of something I always did years ago when I would do my marathon baking stints - all-nighters of mixing, baking, mixing, chilling, mixing baking, etc. and then I would drag out my stereo, set up the turntable and begin playing any albums I had then of Christmas music - always seemed to help put me in the mood ya know. So tonight, I got out the portable cd player and found the cds my great friend Anne in Cleveland and her husband had sent me last year for Christmas - all different types of beautiful Christmas music but not of the "normal" commercialized types - her husband Ed had burned these cds for me and they are just beautiful pieces of music to listen to, to work to as well. Very stress relieving, for sure, along with providing inspirational music and I really appreciated having them to listen to - so I could "whistle" while I worked ya know!

And now, I am off to bed! For a very well-deserved rest - in my opinion anyway! And don't chide me or feel bad for me either because I over-indulged and my back aches as it is a pleasant ache actually since it was caused by doing something I really wanted to do and in truth, I enjoyed doing all that cooking and baking too! And, I'm looking forward now to baking up the three batches of cookie dough I have chilling in the refrigerator now as well!

My production so far - peanut butter cookies, raspberry swirled chocolate chip cookies and a batch of cookies -new recipe to me - "Chocolate Snowballs" all baked. (I don't think I like the last cookies mentioned here that well so probably this will be their only entry into the household.) Waiting on the threshold (in the fridge, that is) to be baked in the near future, Snickerdoodles, Gingersnaps and gingerbread cookies. Yes, I broke down and mixed up a batch of cookie dough that will require being rolled out and cut and baked -and would appreciate all to say prayers for me that I don't ruin that batch of dough with my rolling, cutting, baking efforts there!

Nite now!


sognatrice said...

You're a baking machine!

And, btw, I loved going to Bingo with my grandmother when I was little; such great memories. They don't have that here, but they have a similar game for kids called "Tombola!" which is also a cute name to yell out when you win ;)

Anonymous said...

When I was going through menopause and experienced about 8 years of insomnia....I also fell asleep watching nick at drove my husband insane ;) But he survived ;) I really enjoyed reading your latest comment on my traditions post! I miss our 'polish' Christmas traditions. I may write about that today...thanks for the inspiration as always!!

Shelby said...

I love baking marathons... that's usually how I do it. If I bake one thing, I bake ten more at the same time. For some reason I like to do it all at once.

Take care and happy Sunday! :)

Theresa said...

wow you are quite the partier, out til 3 am! I haven't done that in years. I am one of those people who need my sleep or you don't want to mess with me.
I have a stack of Christmas CD's that I play all the time in December, love Christmas music!
Sounds like a productive baking marathon! Now go hide the evidence!

molly gras said...

ummm, baked goodies! I'll be by around 4 -- I'll be sure to bring yummy coffee.

Surely the Turnpike'll be light on a Sunday.


Patois said...

I'm constantly amazed at your ability to function -- and function well -- with such little sleep.