Friday, December 14, 2007

Seven Things

You might think because I do participate in a lot of blog postings of the Viral Meme type -geared towards listing lots and lots of bloggers I am linked to along with lots of other bloggers who are doing the same thing that I would really be "into" doing memes on my blog.

You would be wrong.

I love to read other people's responses to meme questions - no doubt about that. But a lot of those memes also scare the heck out of me or cause me to go into an immediate attack of being brain dead - totally, totally brain dead. Can't think of diddly squat about my life that is exciting, weird, terrific, intellectual - you name it, and I have become brain dead on those aspects. So, if someone tags me for a meme, sometimes I will participate, sometimes not - it all depends on whether I can come up with some decent answers to the questions being asked.

Well, my friend Dortha -from down in Kentucky, who writes a great blog - "My Favorite Autistic" about her family and especially about her three-year-old son -handsome little guy he is too I must add -who, like my granddaughter, is autistic - tagged me yesterday for a "Seven Things About Me" meme.

I thought and I thought about the various things I've done in my 63 years on the planet and although I think I surely have done some other things that would be interesting or weird, or smart or whatever, this is the best I could come up with right now. Maybe I should start a file in which I jot down little one-liners about me that hit me as I read other memes and then, if I were to get tagged for a meme I would have something to use as a starter. Think that would help? I dunno but it also sounds like work and sometimes, I'm not all that interested in that word and what it means ya know!

So anyway, here then is my very lame Seven Things Meme.
Seven Things About Me

1. As an alum of Penn State University, I am a devout fan of the Nittany Lions and Joepa.

2. I am and have been a fan of the Washington Redskins since way back in the 60's when they were often referred to then as "Otto Graham's Deadskins."

3. Back when I worked in D.C., my old boss would often have tickets given to him by various salesmen he dealt with and he would often give those tickets to me, until the fall of 1971 when the 'Skins actually started to do well and my ticket supply dried up. Darned "fair weather" fans anyway, ya know!

4. It was because of Sonny Jurgeson's injuring his shoulder and putting him out for the entire season of 1971 that I managed to meet my ex-husband. It all hinged on back-up quarterback Billy Kilmer's being arrested for disorderly conduct one night. A long story but I'd bet money my ex-husband kicked himself many times for ever mentioning Billy Kilmer in front of me.

5. I've been to one major league baseball game in my entire life. I don't remember who the old Washington Senators were playing against (that was many years ago cause how long since they left town and moved to Texas?) but my best friend and I went to this particular game and it just so happened former President Dwight D. Eisenhower was also in attendance that day!

6. I graduated from a very small high school - about 200 students in all four grades from 9th thru 12th and a guy who graduated two years ahead of me went on to become a football coach - first with the Arkansas Razorbacks college team and then, to coach in the pros -I think he was with Houston's team for a while and the last I heard about him, he was the Defensive Line Coach for the Green Bay Packers but was let go from there I think last year if memory serves me correctly. He was a nice guy in high school - friendly, good looking, popular too and what's more, he even spoke to underclassmen, like me!

7. I've seen the following people/groups in concert in my lifetime - as you can see, I didn't get out very much then - or now!

The Righteous Brothers - Rock Creek Amphitheater in Washington, D.C.
Tom T. Hall - Clearfield County Fair
Tammy Wynette - Eisenhower Auditorium at Penn State University
The Coaster, Platters and Drifters - Eisenhower Auditorium at Penn State University
Bill Cosby - Bryce Jordan Center at Penn State University.

Now who to tag to do a much better job on telling some interesting facts about their lives?

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Linda said...

Oops, that reminds me, I got tagged for a meme awhile back myself and just haven't gotten to it yet - darn!

I think you did a great job with this one and I really like your list of concerts - they are varied and unique - just like yourself!

Minnesotablue said...

Jeni: Will try to think about this meme thing. I haven't led the most exciting life though. I love yours!

Patois said...

Such a sports fanatic you are!

Debo Blue said...


And we're friends why?

You actually had me googling Tom T. Hall.

Saedel said...

Hi, Jeni. You don't watch basketball?


Gene Bach said...

Jeni, you graduated from a great college and you STILL root for the Redskins? MAN!


Travis said...

There are some memes I like and some I don't. I definitely enjoy the ones that allow me to be silly.

Theresa said...

I am just catching up on your blogs, guess if I read this one first I would of seen the ending of the above story.

I too saw Coasters Drifters Platters in Vegas--- I was going to explain that story, but you just gave me something to blog about :)

fermicat said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll try to come up with something that doesn't suck. :-)

Lynda Lehmann said...

hi jennifer,

i'm a nittany lionness too--i was there from 68-72!

i've just discovered your blog and you're the first person i've met on the blogosphere from good old PA! (i live on long island now)

i'm with you on the meme thing. most of the excitement in my life comes from doing art, not going places or seeing things. the internal stuff is hard to describe and i don't expect anyone to be interested in what's in my head. nor do i necessarily want to reveal it in a worldwide venue!

i'll be back...