Saturday, December 29, 2007

Check it out!

Ok - supposedly, this is the little video that Kate -the 16-year-old made last week of lovely little and bad Nina, the cat. Nina is in the window, directly behind the tree and ready to pounce on something - who knows what. That is what you should see here -provided this darned thing downloaded -or is this called "uploading" properly. If it doesn't work, then I just wasted a whole freaking 55 minutes trying to wait out the lovely dial-up or blogger or whatever is the really slow party involved here. And yes, to my cousin Ray, I am about ready to call the cable company and have them install the high-speed connectivity!


Travis said...

It worked! But it shouldn't take 55 minutes to upload a video. That's just crazy.

Dianne said...

I love the video. Isn't it hilarious how they look around to see who might be watching, then the ears do that checking out the universe thing.

she is such an adorable cat.

Saedel said...

Haha, looks like a sneaky cat! :P And I agree with Travis, 55 minutes for a 10-second video is just... wow.

But I'm glad it worked. Thanks for sharing!