Friday, December 07, 2007

A Little Tag Never Hurts Anyone!

Lovely Stine -from Norway - just tagged me. She said this is an easy one to do cause she knows I'm not all that "into" regular tags and memes. Since this is a viral one though -helps everyone build and keep authority and such, I'll gladly play along with this one. And yes, it is easy too.

I just put my name under Stine's (Mother's Home, ya know) and then tag five others who then do the same thing and before you know it, this thing has grown by leaps and bounds. So, hope you all will play along then -watch the numbers grow a little bit, ok?

A Simple Game Of Tag

I've been tagged by Sandee at Comedy Plus for A Simple Game Of Tag.
It's an easy viral one, and great for links exchange, so here we go:

The rule: When you get tagged, you have to add your site below the person who tagged you. By doing this you are letting the list grow. Then tag 5 others and let's see how big this can get?

Rachel’s Soulful Thoughts
When Silence Speaks

Dancing in Midlife Tune
Underneath it All
I am Dzoi
Hobbies and Such
moms.....check nyo

Choc Mint Girl
Amel's Realm
My Thoughts
Rusin Roundup - Mel
Comedy Plus
Mother's Home!

Down River Drivel

Stine's tags:
Misty at My Dogs Keep Me Sane
Empress Bee at muffin53
Jeni at Down River Drivel
Reba at Reba's Run
and my dotcom at Mother's Got a Dot Com because Sandee said I could do it on both my blogs, and so I get to tag 5 more people!!!

My tags:

Linda at Are We There Yet
Empress Bee at Muffin53
Saedel at Planet Saedel
Theresa at Theresa's Life
Trav at Trav's Thoughts

And now - it's up to you five to send this out - go forth and multiply, if you please!
Just put your name up under mine and add five bloggers below my five. Easy as pie, isn't it and very low calorie too.


Leendaluu said...

Thank you SO much for adding me to your blogroll. I'm honored!

Saedel said...

Hi Jeni! Thanks for the tag, this is my first time. I'll work on a post and then I'll let you know when it's done.

By the way, do I have to copy ALL the links in this post, or only your tags?


Vic said...

Hi Jeni, just checking in. I am all over at Wordpress but I need to figure out how to leave a message on Blogger as they have stopped allowing non-Bloggers to do that. I notice Saedel knows how but I will have to practice on you.

Vic Grace

Vic said...

Well i figured how to do that but next thing is if you click on it it is a little box. Oh dear this gets complicated.