Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One Step

Surprise, surprise! I took one little step forward today. I'd been mostly just surfing around, looking at some sites on knitting and not attending to much of anything else -other than to fix supper. However, after supper, Miss Maya came up to me, carrying a partially opened box of Brownie mix and insisting that I had to make brownies.

Now, baking brownies wasn't something on my "baking agenda" -I'd done that batch Saturday night (which I might add was totally wiped out by Monday morning) simply as a ploy then to redirect Maya's attention. Apparently the "Chocolate lover's gene" appears very early in children cause she does love her chocolate - anything. For that matter, I noticed tonight that there's only about a dozen of the Peppermint chip cookies left now too. I commented to Bill tonight about those cookies and asked how he'd liked them. His response was that they were ok but he thought there was just too much peppermint in them and Katie piped up too then saying pretty much the same thing. Hmmm. Kind of makes one wonder then if they were TOO pepperminty, then who the hell's been munching all of them away then? But, I digress.

Seeing as Maya had attempted to open the brownie mix box, I got boxed in then into fixing another batch of brownies. Ok, that's fine. Maybe it will keep a few sticky fingers to themselves if I do get engrossed in some heavy-duty baking then. Not for long though, I suppose.

So, I mixed up the brownies, got them in the oven and while they were baking, I mixed up a batch of peanut butter cookies. The last 3-4 years or so now, I have "cheated" when I made peanut butter cookies and used the package mixes by Duncan Hines as for some reason or other, sometimes when I would make peanut butter cookies they would get a bit ornery on me and not always turn out right. Whereas, the Duncan Hines cookies always turned out really good and my older grandson, Alex, just happens to love peanut butter cookies so tonight, I took a chance on this recipe and hope it won't disappoint him.

I put the cookie dough in the refrigerator to firm up a little bit before baking them and also, to make sure when I got around to putting them in the oven that I wouldn't have to contend with any little person zipping around, getting into everything under the sun either.

So, around 11 p.m. or so, I started putting the dough on the sheets and getting them all ready to bake. I took the last pan of 'em out of the oven about 12:30 a.m. - a little over 6 dozen.

They turned out ok, I suppose you could say - nice size, didn't burn, etc., but this recipe doesn't have a really peanut buttery taste to it -or maybe than hinges on the peanut butter itself. But heck, I used Peter Pan and it's supposed to be really peanutty in flavor isn't it? Or is that another commercial I'm thinking of there?

I asked Mandy tonight if she had any clue where all my large Tupperware storage containers might be hidden - if she had put them someplace. The little brat looked at me with this damned snide smile -she can be sooooo much like her dad at times, ya know - and told me she's sure they're around her "SOMEWHERE!" Yeah right! Either she or Bill or probably both of them have apparently raided my stash of large storage containers and now, they are either in the attic or in the storage slot Bill shares with his dad in a neighboring town. Pisses me off when they do things like that to me and don't bother to ask if I need this item or another - just put it in a box and cart it off to the netherlands someplace, ya know.

If it's in storage, stashed away, I'll never see that puppy again. And, if it's up in the attic here, the odds of my being able to get up there and look around are pretty much slim to nil too. So now the question for my baking marathon is down to what the hell am I gonna put these freaking cookies in once I bake 'em anyway?

Sounds like a good issue for me to spend at least a day or two pondering, don't you agree?


Meloncutter said...

You do realize that I am a fat guy, working diligently on becoming a skinny guy. You keep waving brownies and cookies on my face and I feel my resolve to become a skinny guy fade just a bit.

Blog about farts or something will ya?


Later Y'all.

molly gras said...

eat'em, dammit, eat'em!!

Save none of'em for those pesky tupperware stashers ;)

david mcmahon said...

Jeni, the best thing about making brownies is sidelining normal plans to do the ``important'' baking for our kids.

I love your descriptions!